The Rise of the Blood Emperor
2 Something Strange is Happening...
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The Rise of the Blood Emperor
Author :Daoist_One_Sword
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2 Something Strange is Happening...

Confused they stared at me wondering why I'd suddenly rise from my seat but suddenly a tremor could be felt from the ground.

The ceiling lights abruptly turned off and while the morning sunlight should've have invaded each window it was pitch black.

Screams could be heard as teachers scrambled to calm the students down.

My eyes rapidly adjusted to the darkness as everything became as clear as day.

Rapidly examining the crowd I found Akane next to the Principal and Vice-Principal still on the stage.

She seemed worried but otherwise fine.

[System Administrator: Greetings denizens of planet Earth. Earth will now face the Calamity Phenomenon. I wish the best to you all. Tutorial Commencing.]

Suddenly hearing a voice from within their mind confused many but reactions varied.

"God is punishing us for being wicked!"(Random Student A)

"No! The entity called themselves System Administrator, we must be experiencing a game realm phenomenon just like in light novels."(Random Student B)

Looking around I saw students arguing, some huddling in the corner in fear, while some saw this situation as a joke and were trying to get a connection.

Meanwhile, the teachers were trying to calm the students down but the panic was too widespread.

"Hey what do you guys think is going on?"(Uesato Dai)

"It's probably just a power outage."(Gima Shozo)

"Then why did it suddenly become pitch black outside?"(Sawashiro Miyuki)

Hearing her logical question the two became silent.

My eyes narrowed as I looked towards the auditorium doors.

Suddenly the auditorium became silent all at once when the sound of somebody knocking on the auditorium doors could be heard.

Seeing that the doors weren't opening whispers ushered everywhere.

The teachers seemed to be discussing something as some of them were pointing at the door.

The periodic knocking of the door continued until finally some of the teachers came close to the door asking who was outside but there was no response.

At this point, nobody was stupid enough to think it was a good idea to open the door.

Even if we keep the door closed it's not gonna last long I thought.

Sighing I gazed at the numerous students pitifully.

Everyone else may be ignorant but I knew once that door opened countless students will lose their life.

While I could warn them giving time to prepare, it would be unlikely that anyone would believe me.

Even if they did I wouldn't be able to explain how I know this information.

Worst case scenario they might start suspecting me, it simply wasn't worth the risk.

Besides I wasn't willing to expose my time traveler status.

Humans are selfish and those that survived 5 years of the Calamity Phenomenon were all selfish.

There were no good humans left.

I snapped back into reality as I heard the knocking getting louder.

This sound...they're growing in numbers.

Some of the keener students and teachers also seemed to realize the gravity of the situation as their expressions grew more and more solemn.

"Listen to me guys what if the people knocking on the doors are terrorists and the reasons the lights went off and the sky turned dark is some kinda scheme."(Uesato Dai)

All of us looked at this idiot that looked kinda smug thinking he was such a genius.

"Retard think for a moment, there is no way with our current level of technology for the sky to turn black during the day. This is not something mortals can accomplish, at this point, we have to assume that a God-like entity has caused our current predicament."(Gima Shozo)

"I hate to agree with creepy four-eyes here but he's likely right."(Sawashiro Miyuki)

"Hey! What do you mean by creepy?"(Gima Shozo)

I also nodded in agreement.

"Hey you guys can't be serious right, there's no way something like that exists. Are you guys the type to believe in deities and the supernatural?"(Uesato Dai.)

"Never."(Sawashiro Miyuki)

"Not once in my life till now."(Gima Shozo)

"Evidence is unalienable for the proof is right in front of our eyes."

Dai looked at us wanting to find some logical retort but ultimately nothing came from his mouth.

Ignoring him I looked at the condition of the door and I knew it was about time.


Followed by the loud noise of the breaking of the doors, loud grunts could be heard.

Due to the darkness, a lot of the students weren't able to see but I could see clearly and some of the students closer to the door could make out roughly what they looked like.

A loud scream could be heard as a male student completely threw away his pride running towards the back of the gym screaming for help.

"Monsters! Green Monsters!"
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    《The Rise of the Blood Emperor》