The Great Mage
3 Awaken
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The Great Mage
Author :Miss_Lonely_Potato
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3 Awaken

Beyond the endless darkness, only five small specks of light existed in the dark realm, quietly floating and hovering around with each other.

At the center, there is a lying person shrouded in light and floating like it was in a very deep slumber. No one could tell if it is a man or woman.

Suddenly, the small five lights hovering around shaken and a sudden burst of light exploded making the small specks of light appear in their true form.

The person at the center who is shrouded in light open its eyes and mumble some words in an ancient language.

Hearing the voice of that person, the five person stand in a formal and respectful manner.

With a heavy and indifferent voice, they spoke at the same time. "Our master have finally awaken, it's time to execute our mission"

After saying their piece, they instantly vanish and the once brightly place turn back into an endless darkness.

The person shrouded in light close its eyes and is enveloped by the darkness.

Back at the Imperial Hospital, Aurora who is frozen inside the ice is quietly being move out in a confidential and high security.

The General of the Magic Knights and Elder of the Magic Council decided to move her in the Imperial Knights Palace which is like an army barrack in the past.

Her condition is quite special that they needed to do it in secret. Even the Royal and Noble Families still didn't know her current condition.

To be able to get Aurora out of the frozen ice, they need to put her inside an anti-magic room to disable her unstable magic.

The General quietly watched how they wheeled her inside the anti-magic room, thus he shifted his gaze to the Elder beside him and said "After her magic is disabled, nothing bad would happen to her, right?"

The Elder just gaze at the girl inside the anti-magic room and responded, "Will know after we examine her condition"

Their side turn quiet and the beeping of monitors and typing could be heard from the workers inside.

They know better well the condition of the rare magic ice ability user. Even their His Highness the Second Prince has troubled controlling his magic. Only the Late King could control very well the Ice Ability without any complications.

After preparing the things needed for the anti-magic room, the Head of the Facility walk near to the General.

"General, the anti-magic room is ready. I need your permission to start the process"

With a flick of his finger, the anti-magic room instantly light up.

"Permission granted" The General responded and the Head of the Facility got back on his work.

The machines started working and the room brightly lit up indicating that the anti-magic is starting and working.

After a few minutes, the ice enveloping Aurora is now starting to melt making the General and the Elder be in relief. It was only after an hour that the ice completely melted.

The healers immediately enter the anti-magic room and wheeled her out and transfer her to a more secure room, wherein a few tubes and needles where hooked in her body.

For three days, Aurora was still in a deep a slumber and her examination result is finally out.

At the bedside, The General is quietly standing in a formal manner with both his hands at the back while Elder Bernard close the folder and look at the General.

"Her body is well and healthy, nothing shows that she has any complications for now. But, her magic ability is very unstable. It shows that she is a special mage of a triple ability. For now, we currently know of her Destruction and Ice Ability while the third one is still unknown" Elder Bernard said in a proud and surprise way but with also a tinge of worry in his voice.

Hearing the results, The General fell into a deep thinking before he could reply the Elder, "It's been a hundred years since a Triple Mage Ability appear. Only five mage existed till now and she's the sixth one, her life would be in great danger once the other factions found out about this."

Both of them know that aside from the Hell Beasts, their country also has other enemies who is on lookout with mages that has great prowess.

Aurora is the only of her generation to possess with such abilities. Even the Destruction Ability is enough for her to be in danger but it was also added by the Ice ability making her more powerful and there is still her unknown third ability.

Having this kind of ability would bring her into greatness, yet it could also be her downfall.

"I think we need to provide her with high security and transfer her to the Royal Magic Academy. I will call a meeting for this in the Magic Council" Elder Bernard suggested, took out his phone and started contacting the higher ups.

Before he could finish what he is doing, the General stop him and said, "We should wait for her to wake up first and talk with her parents. Entering the Royal Magic Academy will be hard. Only the Royalties and Nobility could enter, it would be bad if they found out she's not of noble blood"

"Alright, we need a plan and I will head first to the Palace to talk with the King and Queen. You should just stay here first for her protection, with you around she'll be safe. Don't disclose this matter to others before we could talk this with the Council" Elder Bernard said and walk out of the room, while the General took out his phone and pulled a chained of command to tighten the security of the Imperial Knights Palace.
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    《The Great Mage》