The Future and Its Parallel
4 Life is Stress-Free, Isn“t It?
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The Future and Its Parallel
Author :Lady_Raizel
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4 Life is Stress-Free, Isn“t It?

(To make up for the day I didn't update. Next chapter is in progress.)

Jun Ling slept very freely in the arms of Cai Yun. She had been born for a few months since Cai Yun was discharged from the hospital after her checkup turned out well. Jun Ling was fed properly and Jun Ling had become the lazy baby that only focused on being her back either sleeping, being fed, or getting diapers changed. This had gone for some time until she heard the mechanical voice again after a long time.

[You should not be slacking off like this.]

The mechanical voice sounded in her head as Jun Ling was done with her feeding time and was put down into her crib.

"Why? I have escaped my death and I have been reborn. There should not be any danger," she joked as she had not seen most of the life she was living in now.

Jun Ling like 'sunbathing' 24/7 as a baby but it didn't mean that Jun Ling was always in the sun but, in fact, she loved being comfortable which she did not have the luxury in her previous life. Jun Ling had acted like a baby to uphold the image that she was like any other baby but that could only be achieved by closing her eyes. The only reason she had deemed as a normal baby was that whenever feeding time came, Jun Ling closed her eyes every time. Jun Ling had never experienced a life where her parents had fed her or any person she had relationships with because they never expressed that idea to her. And so, Jun Ling was very conserved and independent when she ate or was in a relationship. Even Vince, Jun Ling's lover, did not express his indulgence in spoiling Jun Ling rotten because it was not his cup of tea.

Her thoughts were dispersed when the device called her back into reality.

[Before we begin, I am device #3086 from the Cheon Star Kingdom and I am assigned to help you pave your career for the future. I have been contracted with you when we were sucked into distortion in space, therefore, sending us into the future in the year 4731. This is not the zombie apocalypse but I'm sure much more dangerous than you have pictured. Like an idiot, you have been wasting time basking in your own crib without realizing where you are, aren't you?]

The device was quite fed up with his contracted soul that did nothing but wake up, eat, shit, sleep. Wake up, eat, shit, and sleep. The routine had been constantly repeated every single day. The device had already known Jun Ling's past life but seeing how she acted contrasted to her previous state, it was disappointing.

Jun Ling frowned at being called an idiot but what made her more intrigued was at how she was born in the year 4731. However, it couldn't happen, right? When the apocalypse appeared, it was 4731 when she learnt of the virus many people were infected with. It couldn't take a mere second to let humanity set itself up. Impossible. How could technology change so fast within just a year?

There was only one theory that she remembered scientists bring up to the public and was highly debatable. The possibility of living in a parallel dimension that reflects one another in sense that futuresay vary and clothes people wore could be different colors or from different eras.

Jun Ling looked at the walls around her and deduced that where she was living was more neo-futuristic than what she had expected. The walls concaved to create a bed like a cubby so that area would be reserved to sleeping whike the outer areas were served as a closet. But that was just this room she was in.

Of course, there were baby stuff for her as she was still in her infant stages but Jun Ling frowned. The place that she was in had an outer space vibe. Gravity was very controlled like when she had the power to control the space around her to be more suffocating for lightweight based on circumstances.

Aishhhhh. Jun Ling could.not help but think that her life had.become jarder somehow. If she was in a parallel dimension, there was a possibility that her life would be danger to everything that she will be exposing herself to. The fact that the planet that she lived in wasn't the only planet that had people living on it, she was bound to be warped into a big mess that did not only involve war but also space that could unexpectedly reach to unknown parts of the galaxy.

Black holes or wormholes could appear out of nowhere and suck you into somewhere deep that you would get suck there for years until a new one comes out to rescue you from the darkness.

Ugghhhh. Jun Ling shuddered from the thought of putting her life on the line again now that she was in a futuristic era of the year 4731 that used to be an apocalypse.

When she could've had a relaxing, lazy life, she was pulled into another hectic life in which she was going to lay her life down towards her country, once again, like her father...Jun Qiu.

Jun Qiu, in her previous life, was the Colonel in the military and often, many times did he not return home until later in the year. He would come once just to say hi and congratulation in addition with a gift but when Jun Ling thought he would stay the next day, he left. Every year, Jun Ling struggled in trying to spend more time with Jun Qiu in one day but every single time, she realized that Jun Qiu only did it to see his family. Duty called for him 24/7 so Jun Ling always did her best to do a lot of extracurricular activities such as taekwondo, karate, and ballet in her free time. Her school mates would worry over the time she spent with her activities but Jun Ling finished her homework daily at a fast rate up until she got admitted into her dream university: Acion Heights University.

They had recognized her as Colonel Jun Qiu's daughter and an extremely talented woman who could defend herself and be very intelligent, they took her in as she double majored in engineering and business. She had already become successful in her life in university until she was given news that both her parents had died.

Apparently, Jun Qiu had just retired and wanted to take his wife overseas to take a vacation but somehow, a meteor hit and...the plan crashed, taking both of her parent's lives. It had devastated her to the point where her own skills could put others at risk. Jun Ling reigned herself in as sadness had really struck her heart really hard.

Even though Jun Qiu was a father that had been gone for many years just to see her grow up annually for a day, he was her idol.

Remembering all the memories she had of her deceased parents, Jun Ling was stuck in silence. She had to let go of her past. She had to start anew.

And this time, still, life wasn't stress-free, isn't it?
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    《The Future and Its Parallel》