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The Future and Its Parallel
Author :Lady_Raizel
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(Warning! There is light gore but it's just one part/sentence. May let you feel a little uncomfortable.)


Jun Ling ran closer until she swung her sword in the air, inches away from Qing Tao's face but it hit nothing. In fact, she was the one in pain. She slowly looked down to see Qing Tao's arm through her stomach. She did not think that Qing Tao would actually be doubly stronger than his little army.

Qing Tao did not leave any trace or any flicker, causing Jun Ling to realize that Qing Tao was not a normal zombie. This zombie had a higher standing and was roughly a little more powerful than her. But she still had hope to defeat Qing Tao even though she was getting weaker at a fast rate.

Qing Tao's arm slowly moved out of her stomach, splurting out blood with every movement he made, making Jun Ling's eyebrows wrinkle in agony. It was very exhausting for her but she did not forget the opportunity to swing her sword towards the now unguarded Qing Tao who was staring at his arms in fascination. Jun Ling did not swing the sword from the top this time but from the bottom, slicing Qing Tao in half.

Jun Ling was panting heavily as she had sustained a big injury that she had inflicted upon herself due to underestmiating Qing Tao but she had finished her duty to protect the children and the base. She had finished her purpose in her life without any attachments. With no parents to say goodbye to, no spouses to say 'I love you', Jun Ling was ready to lay down herself.

She was going to accept death knocking at her door. She stabbed her sword to the ground to stabilize herself from stumbling to the ground, using the sword to be her shoulder to lean on. Jun Ling could feel her consciousness starting to fade out as she stood rigid on her feet. She smiled. There was no regrets that Jun Ling had so she could leave this life peacefully.

However, when she was about to close her eyes for eternity, she heard his voice.

"Babe!" she heard the man she had lost contact with since the start of the apocalypse.

"V-vince," Jun Ling forced her voice to come out. "Hey..."

Jun Ling saw a dark tan man with blond hair run up to her.

"Babe, I'm sorry I couldn't contact you in years," Vince spoke as if Jun Ling was alright.

Vince had blabbered on about his life while Jun Ling could barely hold her conscience.

"Vince," she uttered softly, taking Vince's attention away from what he was saying. "I'm glad you're back. Take care of the base for me."

And she took her last breath, standing to face the horizon, away from the base as if she was protecting them from the apocalypse.

However, Vince had not noticed that Jun Ling had given her last words and her last breath until Jin had come up in horror. Jin had immediately gone to Jun Ling and felt for her pulse. It took several minutes until Jin retreated shakily as he called over his group.

"Assemble everyone. Tell Kun Po that Jun Ling has died honorably for the people. It is urgent that we bury Jun Ling's body right away for her commendable service as our general for four years without any rest. It is time that we let Jun Ling rest," Jin's voice betrayed the confident stance he showed with his body to his group.

Jin did not like the thought of Jun Ling not being there with them anymore but he had to stay strong. Like Jun Ling, he wanted to protect the children and pave the way to a better future. But his voice betrayed the despair he had wanted to cover. The men that Jin spoke to were all shaken.

Jun Ling had died? How? She was the only person who had hope in us and taught us how to defend ourselves. How could she die?

They had many questions swirling in their heads but Vince, who had heard that Jun Ling was dead, despaired. Jun Ling was the love of his life. Jun Ling had been in a relationship with him and they were going strong but the apocalypse had separated them for four years, letting them think that both of them were dead to each other. It was that now, they had reunited but once again, separated with Jun Ling's death. Vince could not imagine that their reunion would still lead in separation.

Jin and his group teleported back to the base and held an emergency meeting with all the men and women in the base. They had no time to spare Vince a glance because Jun Ling's corpse needed rest. The people had gathered at the wall, noticing that Jin was standing on top of the wall with a mic. All of the people had heard a commotion outside but without Jun Ling on the wall, they were all curious about the news.

"Everyone listen!" Jin spoke through the mic, loud and clear. "Today, we have fought off the zombie horde. We have won!"

Everyone cheered in the background, very grateful that their men had contributed a lot to their protection.

"However!" Jin did not let them get into their celebratory mode. "We have lost the one we most love. She had built this establishment from scratch and took all of our families in. She had taught us how to fight, taught us that fighting with each other will not fix the situation. She had done so much for us that we cannot forget how much she would fight for us. Our general, Jun Ling, had taken this taken this duty upon herself, to defeat the zombie horde by herself. And in turn, Jun Ling has sacrificed her life in protecting us. This time, we will repay her by putting her on display for those who don't know her. We will not bury her but let everyone know that Jun Ling, our general did not die in vain. She will see our rise to pursue the future were humankind will not pale in comparison to the zombies."

The audience quieted down. They did not think that their men did not go to the zombie horde. Jun Ling took on the responsibility as a general to keep the people under her protection. Jun Ling always minimized the injuries whenever their men came back home so losing such a general was a big loss in their morale.

"What should we do? Now that our general is gone, who should we turn to?" the audience soon heated up as Jun Ling was such a big existence in their life and she would always be there whenever families lost their lives beside her.

Jin had no solution but he spoke up once again, "Before we get to that, we will introduce someone that has caused many lives to be in danger. Kun Po, show him out!"

Kun Po looked at Jin from the ground and walked onto a big execution stand where there was a noose hanging with the aura of death.

"This is the traitor that has caused us many lives to be lost!" Kun Po announced with a big voice. "This is Su Ren, a newbie that has caused many of the grievances that Jun Ling had to shoulder. Again, this zombie horde was following this newbie towards the base. As for the general, she felt she had to shoulder this responsibility. Jun Ling never applied any rules for us so she let this traitor go. But with the general gone, the death of this traitor will let us satisfy the unjust decisions that our general made to protect us all!"

The audience roared in anger hearing that a newbie caused their young and promising general's death. It was unjust to know that this newbie put caution in the wind and did not think of the consequences while their general cleaned his mess because she couldn't break her principle of being one and united.

"Kill him! He does not deserve anything if he thought lives did not matter!"

"Yeah! He bring nothing good being here!"

Shouts were heard everywhere in the audience but Kun Po did nothing but talk after the anger died down.

"Here, everyone will witness this traitor die in the hands of the noose," Kun Po shouted as everyone followed after with excitement. "Since he is the first one to try this execution stand, this will be a constant reminder for everyone. To those who do not respect other people like ourselves, this will be a lesson for you."

Kun Po pushed Su Ren towards the noose, not bothering to hear the whimperings of Su Ren being scared.

"Don't do this. I can explain," Su Ren softly whispered under all the shouts of the audience.

Kun Po had heard what he said but replied tersely, "To whom that escaped in the middle of the night to spend it with a woman who has no origin in this base is quite a traitor. As our general said, find no help from outsiders that can use you to expose the weaknesses of your team. Find it with those around you. You have a team to help you. It is not like there is no talent in your team or others around you."

Kun Po spoke no more. Same with Su Ren who realized his mistake in engaging with a woman outside of the base. He had spilled many worries on his mind to the woman and she did not say anything in response. And so, Su Ren accepted his fate as the traitor and put his head through the noose.

With everyone shouting around them, it was countdown time.


Kun Po flipped the switch and down the drain, Su Ren went.
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    《The Future and Its Parallel》