The Devourer
133 Devour.
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The Devourer
Author :Arkszero
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133 Devour.

Ling Tian was looking at Shi Qinglan with shock, then slowly it turned into awkwardness. He always thought that he wouldn't meet this woman again. But never expected fate to play such jokes on him.

" Rayne.... Ashbringer.... My destined one..." Shi Qinglan said while looking at Ling Tian with various emotions in her eyes.

' And there it is!!! Damn it! If only I hadn't shattered her "Untainted Heart" and make her feel the worldly emotions...' Ling Tian grumbled inwardly. He felt that he already has made connections with too many women. If a certain Saiyan fiancé among the five of his fiancés' in the God's Realm know about him making connections with more women, who knows what she might do to him. Although it is only a distant memory, he still remembers that scary woman.

" Ancient Super Saiyan!!! We finally meet! It's to repay the favour I owe you!" A rough deep voice with hatred resounded as Ling Tian turned to look at the source.

" Apocalypse Evil Dragon. You still haven't learned your lesson, have you?" Ling Tian said. Though he was slightly surprised by the immense increase in the Dragon's cultivation and body power, from the aura the Apocalypse Evil Dragon was emitting, Ling Tian immediately deduced the reason and also why the Apocalypse Evil Dragon kidnapped both Althea and Shi Qinglan.

" Hehehe.... Still cocky I see. Soon I'll wipe that indifferent expression of your face!" Apocalypse Evil Dragon said as he raised his hand.

Althea's heart jumped as she was filled with worry. She never thought that this Scary Dragon and her Rayne would have feud with each other.

Shi Qinglan's expression changed into that of guilt. It was because of her that Ling Tian wasn't able to kill the Apocalypse Evil Dragon last time.

" I'm sorry..." Shi Qinglan muttered in a low voice, yet it still reached Ling Tian's ears which caused him to inwardly sigh.

" Okay." Ling Tian simply uttered and focused his attention back on the Apocalypse Evil Dragon.

Shi Qinglan sneaked a peak at Ling Tian. Seeing his face look completely natural, like everything was as it should be, her heart couldn't help feeling bitter, anxious to go up and slap his face a few times to vent her anger.

Although she knew that her apology was late at this point, she really couldn't think of anything else to say right now, but did this damn man have to stand there looking so triumphant? Completely ignoring the pain in her heart.

Without herself even realizing, she was starting to show emotions she has never known. Althea looked at Shi Qinglan in confusion, then came to a conclusion that she must also be one of Ling Tian's women. Although it wasn't quite yet.

Apocalypse Evil Dragon's expression sank as he turned his eyes towards Ling Tian. Taking a deep breath, " Sure enough, Saiyans are as cocky and stupid as always!"

Ling Tian's face went cold, this casual comment from the Dragon inadvertently revealed an important message, The Apocalypse Evil Dragon was blatantly looking down on Saiyans.

" Since you're overestimating yourself so much..." The Apocalypse Evil Dragon fiercely glared at Ling Tian and said, " I'll kill you without wasting any time."

Finished speaking, thousands of Monstrous Beasts from all across the Demon God Continent came towards the place that Ling Tian was present through a portal that the Apocalypse Evil Dragon created and bared their fangs towards Ling Tian, filled with vicious intent.

Ling Tian's expression remained unchanged as he looked indifferently at Apocalypse Evil Dragon.

Althea hurriedly said, " Quickly run! True Dragons have an innate power called Dragon Prestige that allows them to control all others beasts. His Dragon Prestige is far far higher level than mine!"

Listening to Althea's explanation, Ling Tian didn't show any response.

" Run away?" Apocalypse Evil Dragon coldly snorted as thousands of ferocious Monster Beasts quickly surrounded Ling Tian.

Althea's face was pale and her brow dripped with sweat as she desperately tried to use her own Dragon prestige to stall the monster beasts while anxious shouting at Ling Tian again, " What are you doing, why haven't you left yet?"

" Don't be so presumptuous! My level of strength has far surpassed your wildest imagination. Why don't you transform into an Ancient Super Saiyan, so I could get some satisfaction in killing you!" Apocalypse Evil Dragon sneered dismissively.

Ling Tian ignored and turned towards Althea who was shouting at him and gently smiled as he said, " What did I tell you last time? I remember I told you that don't judge my strength."

" !!" Althea was stunned and ceased her efforts in trying to control the monster beasts.

" Kill!" Apocalypse Evil Dragon disdained to personally intervene, waving his hand as he ordered the thousands of Monster Beasts to attack Ling Tian.

Ling Tian suddenly raised his head and looked at Apocalypse Evil Dragon with a smile as he said, " I guess I'll have to thank you this time. For bringing all these monster beasts together."

" What?" Apocalypse Evil Dragon was momentarily stunned.

Ling Tian's eyes turned red as he activated his Copy-Wheel Eyes for the first time in a long time.

" Dimension Ruler." Ling Tian uttered as a radius of 300 miles were turned to red. Every colour except for Ling Tian had turned to red.

" Wha-" Apocalypse Evil Dragon was shocked, so was Shi Qinglan and Althea.

" Lets start the slaughter shall we? Or rather... The Blood Slaughter, I suppose." Ling Tian said as he extended his hand and a blood red light flashed in his hand. It was his most terrifying combat artifact, Blood Slaughter Sword.

" What the - what is that sword??!!" Apocalypse Evil Dragon exclaimed in shock as it felt the terribly evil aura that transcends even him from the red sword in Ling Tian's hand.

" It's been a long time, huh buddy." Ling Tian said as he stared at the Blood Slaughter Sword, which in response trembled in excitement.

Although the Blood Slaughter Sword hasn't managed to form it's own consciousness, it still understood that it's master is about to give it's feed.

Althea and Shi Qinglan were stuck on their spots, involuntarily shivering in fear because of the killing intent from the Blood Slaughter Sword.

And this was still when the blade itself is still in the sheath where more than 90% of it's killing intent is suppressed.

Ling Tian had spent eight million years in the Meta-Worlds Chamber in enlightenment. At the same time, his artifacts Dragon Subduing Blade and Blood Slaughter Sword were also evolving due to the presence of the extremely pure Spirit Energy in the Meta-Worlds Chamber.

By this point, Ling Tian has no idea how strong his artifacts are. He decided to check on the Dragon Subduing Blade later. Since the Blood Slaughter Sword was a unrankable artifact, he couldn't identify it's strength.

" Heh. You want to kill me, sorry to break it to you, but, even in my regular form, my battle power is equal to a peak False Immortal. If I go all out, even I have no idea how strong I'll be. But you can still become a growth factor for my Blood Slaughter Sword along with all your monster beasts." Ling Tian said with a smug smile.

" Impossible! There's no way, someone like that can exist!" Apocalypse Evil Dragon yelled in frustration.


Ling Tian slowly removed the Blood Slaughter Sword from its sheath and the entire place became deathly still as a unbelievable amount of Killing intent surged from the unsheathed Blood Slaughter Sword, which instantly killed all monster beasts and made Apocalypse Evil Dragon fall to his knee.

Althea and Shi Qinglan had lost their consciousness, not because of the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Sword, but because he used his own will to knock them out before unsheathing the Blood Slaughter Sword. Making the women see the scene of his sword devouring all the corpses is not something he wants.

Ling Tian instantly appeared before the kneeling down Apocalypse Evil Dragon and was about to strike him down with the Blood Slaughter Sword, but suddenly something came to his mind.

Ling Tian stabbed down the Blood Slaughter Sword into the ground.

" Huh?" Apocalypse Evil Dragon was confused.

" You're not going to kill me?" Apocalypse Evil Dragon asked in confusion.

Ling Tian smiled at Apocalypse Evil Dragon and said, " No. I have something else in mind."

Amidst the stare of the confused Apocalypse Evil Dragon, Ling Tian placed his right palm just a few centimetres away from Apocalypse Evil Dragon's face and uttered, " Devour!"
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    《The Devourer》