3 Chapter 3
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Author :alexajones91
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3 Chapter 3

"If we didn't run fast then we woulda miss the sunset. Look! Isn't it pretty."

Saya stared at the setting sun. The warm summer air tickled her skin as she breathed in the sunflowers around them. Saya turn to looked at the young boy beside her, meeting his eyes he glanced away. He was skinny and short. But he's features were sharp, elegant, with bold eyebrows. She loves those caterpillar eyebrows. It was the first thing she notice when she first met him. She knew he was going to be handsome. Probably too handsome for his own good. Saya smirked at the thought.


Saya awoke slowly. The rays of sunlight hitting her eyes. She forgot to close the curtains last night.



Her mind foggy and her dreams fleeting she slowly started getting ready for the day. Saya was not a morning person. Often waking up grumpy and sluggish. She wasn't a person until she had a cup of coffee or two to wake up her brain. In the kitchen she prepared a cup of noodles and made 2 cups of coffee, loading them with tons of sugar and cream.

'That's definitely too much sugar', she thought to herself. 'Eh who cares, I'll need the sugar high to get me through today.' Saya sat sipping her coffee and eating her noodles. She was still wearing her pajamas, planning to get ready for school after her breakfast.


'Who's ringing that damn doorbell so early in the freaking morning.' Saya sat up frustrated. 'Was it the household staff her parents hired? But they were suppose to come only once a week on Sundays. Today's Monday. Did they forget to do something.' Saya opened the door expecting to greet the household staff.

"Hey, good morn…"

Saya's ass met the floor. She was pushed down by the girl before her. Eyes filled with surprise she utters, "Sa..kura."

Sakura stood before Saya. Her gaze icy she looks at the fallen Saya. "You suddenly disappear for two years with no explanation then just return out of nowhere!"

Saya has never seen Sakura so angry not even at her troublesome older twin brother Keito. She has always been so poise and composed in all matters. A cool beauty with long model legs and a noble appearance. Her shoulder length hair was tied into her signature ponytail. Her small feminine face eloquently frame by bangs. Even angry and yelling she look serene. Truly a cool beauty.

Saya picked herself up and faced Sakura.

"I know I don't deserve your forgiveness and I'm not asking for it. But I'm sorry for leaving without saying a word. I'm sorry for not calling you to let you know I was okay."

Sakura's eyes soften. "Did you leave because of the accident? Did you know the man was prosecuted. He got fifteen years. Haru made sure he got the maximum sentence possible. That man didn't expect to go away for a long time."

But Sakura really didn't think that was the case. She didn't understand how a hit and run by a drunk driver could have made Saya want to leave Haru. But Saya left right after the incident so she couldn't help but think it might be related.

Of course Saya knew that man got fifteen years. Uncle Sota had updated her family on the case. Saya narrowly escaped being killed by a drunk driver. Moving at the last minute she was able to localize most of the damage to her right leg. She suffered broken bones on the leg but has since recovered nicely. She wasn't surprise that the man got fifteen years with Haru's family's influence. Most cases like hers where the victim lives and doesn't suffer major life threatening injuries, usually the perpetrator only gets a few years of jail time. She was hospitalized in North Star Hospital for a few weeks. After she woke up from her surgery Saya told her parents she didn't want to see anyone, not even Haru. She didn't have the courage to face him.

"It sorta does. But I can't fully tell you the reasons why I left. Sakura I don't expect you to understand and I know I been a horrible friend. But please just this once let me selfish."

Sakura was beyond hurt when Saya left without a word. She was the first female friend Sakura has ever made. She was her best friend. She knows there must have been a good reason to why Saya left. Saya has always been straightforward with her words and actions so a part of her desperately wanted to forgive. But she was also Haru's childhood friend. Sakura can't even begin to compare her hurt to Haru's.

"You don't understand the damage you done. Haru...he.."

Sakura stop herself and stared into Saya's unyielding eyes. She steeled her emotions.

"You need to stay away from Haru because we both know that he'll end up forgiving you."
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