2 Chapter 2
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Author :alexajones91
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2 Chapter 2

He gently gripped her long black hair in his hands, breathing in her sweet scent. He caressed her body. Staring at her alabaster skin quickly filled his body with heat. Beautiful. She was simply beautiful. Kissing the beauty mark on her shoulder he felt her shudder. His kisses were light but soon became fervent as he took a pink nipple in his mouth. He flicked his tongue back and forth as his fingers played with her other nipple. Soft moans escaped her lips. He continued to tease her, slowly making his way down.

"Ahhhhh...Haru...mmm..Haru, Haru…"

Hearing her say his name over and over again almost pushed him over the edge. He was inexperienced but instincts was taking over. He ran his tongue over her clit, giving a little suckle while his fingers penetrated her gently, preparing her. She thrashed around murmuring his name and finally he felt her quiver and tighten around his fingers. Haru hovered over her giving her a gentle smile.

"Tell me if the pain is too much." His voice was tenderly passionate.

"Mmmm". She nodded her head as he lowered himself entering her. She winced slightly. Haru hated hurting her but there was no way he could stop now.

"Saya I'm sorry. This is the only time this body of mine will ever hurt you, I promise. I love you."

She gasp loudly as Haru gave a final thrust fully entering her. Haru wiped the lone tear that fell out of her eye. He took her mouth into his. Deepening the kiss their tongues sought each other in a passionate embrace. Haru slowly started moving himself in and out of her, groaning in pleasure. She continued to kiss him as the pleasure washed away the pain. Panting and moaning they embraced each other holding on tightly as their needs intensified. Haru started moving faster and faster, his thrusts getting wilder. Haru felt Saya's body quake and she wrapped her legs around him. She held onto him, making those sweet moans that made him lose control. Feeling her tighten around him, he thrust into her harder and faster, their bodies reaching climax.


Haru woke up in a sweat, panting and his member still in his hand. He quickly wiped away the evidence of his dreams. Haru took a shower letting the cold water diminish the burning desires of his body. Even in his dreams he can't escape her. Every moment was filled with her. Two years have passed and he still only thinks of her. 'Why did she leave? Where did she go?'

Haru grabbed the towel hanging on the wall and dried himself quickly. It was going to be a long night. He needs to prepare himself for tomorrow. He looked for Saya when she disappeared. He was the young master of the Hayashi clan. His family being one of the most wealthiest and influential in the nation he used his family's resource and connections but to no avail she was gone. She disappeared. Her whole family gone within a day. He still had people on the watch for her so he was instantly notified when she registered for North Star.

When he learnt that she was accepted to North Star and was coming back he didn't know how to feel. Angry? Definitely. But also thrilled. It took all of his restraint and resolved not to drive to her house and demand answers. Haru's thoughts were disrupted by the beeping of his phone.

[Kaito: Dude, are the rumors true?! Is Saya back?! Have you seen her?]

Haru ignored the message. He knew Saya's return would spread like wildfire. Almost all of their classmates in high school were also attending North Star. Haru was the young prince of their school. With his good looks, family's wealth, and top grades he stood above everyone else. He was unapproachable and quiet but he's cold demeanor just made him more popular. So it was a shock when he started going out with the new girl.

It was clear to anyone who saw the young prince with Saya that he cared about her deeply. The cold aura Haru carried instantly warmth whenever she was around. He was protective and possessive. Haru's closest friends were dumbfounded by his change of personality whenever Saya was around. Although a little eccentric she was kind and charming quickly befriending Haru's childhood friends, Kaito and Sakura.

Laying on his bed Haru put his arm around his eyes, slowly breathing in and out, trying to calm himself to sleep. He's breathing slowed as he lulled himself to sleep dreaming of her again.


A young girl ran in a field of sunflowers, laughing she turns her head looking for her companion.

"Hurry up! C'mon we're almost there!"

"Wait Saya! Wait for me", yelled Haru. He ran faster trying to catch up. Reaching the end of the fields Saya stop and waited for Haru to catch up. An out of breath Haru appeared from the fields.

"You could have slowed down a bit!"

Haru stared at the young girl before him. She was a little taller than him, her long back hair swaying back and forth. Her dress was filthy but Haru couldn't help but think that it just made her look more adorable. She turn her big doe eyes on him. They were a soft brown with touches of hazel.

"If we didn't run fast then we woulda miss the sunset. Look! Isn't it pretty."

The sun was setting, casting shadows on the river, it was pretty. But he wasn't paying attention to the sunset when he said, "Yeah", and nodded in agreement. He was staring at her.
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