1 Chapter 1
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Author :alexajones91
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1 Chapter 1

Stepping out of the taxi Saya stared at the gates of her childhood home. It's been two years since her family left and moved overseas. While her parents stayed overseas she decided it was time to finally come home. It took a lot of begging but she finally convinced her parents to let her start her college years back home. They didn't think it was a good idea to dig up old memories especially when she was finally getting better.

"You know he'll be there sweetie. Your father and I don't think it's a good idea", Katherine told her daughter.

"Mom, it's a big campus so I doubt I'll even see him. And if I do I'll be fine. It's been two years. I've moved on and I'm sure he has too. There's nothing to worry about."

"Honey, your mother and I are just worried. While its been two years since we left, it's only been a little over a year since the incident. Your body has healed but we're worried about your mental health. What if going back undo the progress you'd been making," Reo told his daughter.

Looking at her dad's anguish face she knew they were just worried for her well being. But its always been Saya's dream to attend North Star college, her parents alma mater. The place they met and fell in love. It was the number one college in the country producing top notch businessmen, scientists, artists, etc. Many alumni's have gone to become the very best in their fields. North Star also had the toughest entrance exam. It's almost impossible to get in unless you'd pass through their elevator system in middle school and high school.

Saya left North Star high school in her second year so she had to take the exam. She flew back home last month to take it. She stayed just for a day returning quickly after the exam. Getting a perfect score she was accepted. She'll be studying criminal forensics and clinical psychology.

Saya walk slowly towards the gate as the taxi driver took out her bags from the trunk of the car.

"Do you need help putting your bags inside your house Miss", asked the driver.

"No, I'm good, thanks mister."

Grabbing her bags Saya made her way to her home. Her parents hired a cleaning crew to come and take care of the house once a week since they left the country. So there wasn't much to do but unpack her things. Everything inside the home was the same as she remembered. Even the smell. She took a deep breath taking it all in and walked to the living room. Noticing the boxes on the floor Saya decided she can unpack tomorrow. She had some items delivered weeks ago before coming back.

Giving a faint smile Saya started up the stairs into her old bedroom. A light gust of wind blew from the open window. 'The cleaning crew must have left it open', she thought. Summer has ended and the open window left the room cool. The sun was setting casting an orange hue to her bedroom. Turning on the lamp by her bed Saya let out a yawn and sat on her bed deciding whether to surrender to jet lag or take a much needed shower. Letting out a sigh, Saya moved towards her bathroom. The need for a bath won over her tiredness.

The house was a simple three bedroom household but with ample space. The upstairs included Saya's bedroom and a guest bedroom upstairs. While the master bedroom, Saya's parents room was downstairs. Along with the master bedroom a private bathroom was also added to Saya's room. The house also had a huge office that her parents used for their work. That office will now be hers to use.

Although her family could afford to live more luxuriously they didn't like to show off. Money was never a problem for her family. Her parents inherited enough money to live magnificently. But her parents have always been modest and humble, teaching their daughter to be the same. Did they partake in the privilege afforded by their money? Of course. They live comfortably with a house, a few cars, maid service, and they had overseas vacations every summer. But what money they actually use was miniscule compared to their actual wealth. They kept their wealth a secret so most of those around them assume they were only upper middle class. In accordance with their modest livelihood they tied most of their wealth to different charities and aids.

Saya sat in the tub letting the hot water soak into her tired muscles and as she stared blankly at the ceiling lights she thought about all the things she needed to do tomorrow. She needed to check in with aunty Alexis and uncle Sota. They were close family friends and she was to check in with them periodically as part of her parents agreement to let her go back. Aunty Alexis was the chief general surgeon at North Star hospital an affiliate of her school. Saya already acquired a part time internship in the hospital. Uncle Sota was the city's police chief. The buildings were all within walking proximity so she can check in with them after her classes tomorrow.

'Will I see any of them tomorrow? Will I see him tomorrow?', Saya wondered, closing her eyes from the bright lights. 'Do I want to see him? What will I say? It's been two years. He's probably engaged and set to marry soon by now.'
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