Silver-Haired Devil
3 The Unusual Night - Part 2
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Silver-Haired Devil
Author :Heisenberg
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3 The Unusual Night - Part 2

"When are we attacking captain?" Asked a man who had an ugly scar on his face" I can't wait to taste their blood again"

"Soon, sharpen your weapons and have some patience" Replied a tall man who was sitting with 50 other men around a campfire. They were all wearing armors and a mask around their faces. Some of them had bows and some had swords. However, they all had one thing in common. A look of bloodlust. A faint killing intent would linger in the air whenever they thought about what they're going to do.

As the leader, the tall man looked at the full moon that hung in the deep dark sky. He noticed the clouds thickening and blocking the light. Raindrops started falling and brought with it a bone-chilling wind.

"I don't need to remind you your jobs are right?" asked the leader.

Hearing his question, everybody smirked. The ugly scarred-man replied:" Leave no one alive"

The leader looked at him nodding "Let's go".


Hearing the cries of children and the shrill screams of the women. Enzo got out hurriedly from his bed and went to the window. When he saw the sight, his heart started beating faster and faster. Sweat started dripping down from his face as fear took over him. All he saw was people running away from their burned down houses. With terrorized expressions on their faces.

Some of them even abandoned their children and wives and selfishly ran for their own lives. However, no one could survive the massacre. Masked men were chasing down everybody on horses and cutting them down like vegetables. Some of them even had time to play with their victims before ruthlessly beheading them creating a fountain of blood. Whoever got close to escaping got shot down by the archers. It was as if the darkness of the night didn't affect their visibility. Powerful arrows, that didn't differentiate between men, women or children pierced through their bodies. People fell down pitifully, hands clutching their hearts with a look of disbelief on their faces. "How did it become like this?" they murmured with their last breath.

They were sleeping peacefully a while ago expecting to wake up in the morning and work dutifully to put food on their families' table. But death waits for no one. And nobody knows when a hellish night will take their lives away.

As Enzo looked at the masked men. He couldn't help but imagine that they had smiles on their faces as they were reaping lives away and getting blood all over them. As if they enjoyed its smell and the shrill screams.

Hurriedly getting out of his room, He looked at his parents. Who were blocking the door. Both of them were breathing heavily trying to think of a way to get out of this situation. Seeing him Julia had a stunned look at her face and then replaced by fear as she can't believe that this is the end for her son. "Hurry up go back to your room and hide under the bed" she yelled.

Enzo was paralyzed as he didn't move an inch. The horrible scene he saw earlier was still replaying in his mind over and over again.

"It's all my fault," Said Ezio who had a look of despair on his face " I should have stayed in the capital, I can't believe that running away from the politics there would lead us to death" With teardrops running down on her face Julia hugged her husband and looked at her son who was standing there still with a stunned expression on his face and trembling body.

Suddenly the door was kicked and a muscular masked man came in. You could see traces of an ugly scar around his eyes. He watched as a man and a woman were hugging each other and crying. They didn't even bother to run away. looking at the other side, he noticed a silver-haired boy looking at him with fear in his eyes. He enjoyed seeing it, deciding the life and death of people and bringing hell upon them. Killing these peasants gives him an adrenaline rush. "I'm getting more and more addicted to this" thought the man to himself. Walking slowly to the parents, He noticed that the man was trying to say something. Holding his neck and lifting him up with one hand. He looked at his eyes and said "Tell me, old man. Do you want to die slowly?"

Ezio looked at the masked man's eyes. And all he could see was ruthlessness and bloodlust. "W-waittt... My s-student in the p.." He didn't even let him finish and stabbed him in the stomach. "Nobody cares who your student is," said the man with his husky voice.

Silence... The room went totally silent. Enzo fell on the floor as he caught his abdomen with a look of disbelief on his face. Unimaginable pain started assaulting him as he tried his hardest not to scream. The scent of blood spread and Julia, red-eyed gave a long, loud piercing cry.

Looking at her, one can't imagine the emotional breakdown she's going through.

The man walked slowly as he held the woman from her neck and held her up. "For such a beautiful woman to die, what a waste, but I have no choice," thought the man to himself as he stabbed her heart with a cold look on his face and looked at her eyes who were demanding mercy.

Julia mustered all the strength she could and yelled " ENZO RUN! RUN!"

The man threw her away like trash as he fell hopelessly on the ground and breathed her last breath.

As Enzo looked at what's happening, he moved his hands slowly and started clutching his head. He felt dizzy and nauseous. With every heartbeat, He felt pain all over his body like daggers stabbing him from head to toe. He fell on his knees as he started screaming until he lost his voice. His body was convulsing in a weird way. All he could hear was the sound of flesh being cut and the laugh of the man in front of him. All he could smell was the scent of blood and sweat. All he could see was the blurry picture of the man holding a knife and his parents on the floor.

"Is this the end?" thought Enzo to himself.

As his vision got more blurry. And his consciousness started fading. The man looked at the kid in front of him and stopped laughing. A serious expression was on his face as he took his sword out and prepared his fighting stance. However as the seconds passed, the sword got dropped on the ground. And fear... Extreme fear took over him as he looked at the silver-haired devil in front of him. Who stand up slowly and looked at him with his eyes. The man has never seen eyes like those before. Even his superiors who are used to killing can't compare. He was sure they were deep black before. But now, those scarlet eyes are looking at him as if he was an ant that could be crushed at any time. Deep killing intent and unimaginable pressure surged out from the boy. A gust of chilling wind passed through the door and blew out the light from the candles.

Both, however, were still staring at each other as if they didn't need the light anyways. The man tried to calm himself down and convince himself that in front of him was only a fragile looking boy with a scary look. That he shouldn't be afraid just because of someone's eyes. That he had lived through extraordinary and ruthless events that shaped who he was today. However, when he heard the boy's words. Confusion and fear of the unknown took over him.

"I have to thank you," He said with a wicked smile on his face as he looked at the lamb in front of him "Without you guys, it would have taken a long amount of time for me to manifest. Finally, I can move my muscles again"
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    《Silver-Haired Devil》