Silver-Haired Devil
2 The Unusual Night - Part 1
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Silver-Haired Devil
Author :Heisenberg
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2 The Unusual Night - Part 1

Year 920, in a small village in the outskirts of the Kelibian kingdom.

"Today we will learn a little bit about the geography of the world". Said a handsome middle-aged man. He had a gentle expression on his face as he spoke to the little kids in a small classroom. " Our world is very big, even if someone kept walking for months he wouldn't even cross half of it. However, most of it is oceans stretching to the Horizon."

The kids were dumbfounded. They only knew their small village. They never thought that there was a much bigger world available to them.

"We live in the Kelibian kingdom on a big continent called Pangea." continued the man. "It has a lot of Kingdoms, some are better than us and some are worse. Some people even say that there are other continents, and even more kingdoms and empires, however, there's no proof of that yet."

The man continued to lecture the young students about the world and its magnificence and each time he said something the kids looked impressed.

As the sun fully shined on the world and brought with it a moderate heat. The door to the classroom opened and the kids ran out with excited looks on their faces. They ran to hug their parents who were waiting for them and started telling them about what they learned today which made the parents smile and laugh at the kids' antics. As they started to go home, the middle-aged man came out with a satisfied expression on his face. He loves what he does, teaching. Behind him was another little boy who looks like the younger version of the middle-aged man. A perfect symmetrical face, accompanied by a soft silver hair that moves with the wind. Deep black eyes that reveal cleverness and curiousness unbefitting of his age.

"Why are you staring at the kids Enzo?" asked the middle-aged man.

"I just don't understand why are they excited at some basic knowledge and father why did you insist on my presence in this class ?" replied Enzo.

the man sighed and shook his head saying " You're always holed up in your little room reading those books. All the kids at your age are outside playing every day. You're 16 years old now and you don't even have any friends. I'm proud that my son is as knowledgable and smart as you but you need to talk to people your age."

"I'm sorry father but you know I can't do that. I don't share the same interest as them, I want to finish the books in our library so I'll take my leave" said Enzo.

He took off running to his house. On the way, he kept thinking about what his father said. Remembering the day he went out to play with the kids and how they beat him up because he kept winning every game they played.

"I'm too smart for my own good," thought Enzo to himself with a smirk on his face. As he entered his house he greeted his mother who was cooking the food and went hurriedly to his room. Julia smiled at her son's antics and went to kiss her husband who came right after Enzo.

"How was your day darling ?" she inquired

"the usual.." replied Ezio with a tired look on his face "teaching the kids and dealing with Enzo's stubbornness. His introverted nature will do him no good. I can't find a way to make him socialize more."

"It's okay honey just let him be" replied Julia with a gentle expression on her face. "even though he's smart, he can't be flawless. I'm sure he'll change in the future just give him more time to mature. I can feel that there will come a day where he'll reach heights we can't even imagine."

"I hope so... I'm planning to send him to the capital's academy with the money we saved" he said.

Julia nodded saying" that would be great. I just hope he doesn't bring trouble to himself. the capital is full of sharks and snakes. I'm afraid with his nature he won't be able to make friends that will help him in times of need"

" Don't worry about it," said Ezio " My former student is teaching there and I already told him to take care of my son and give him protection when there's a need for it."

"u mean little Arjun?" Contemplated Julia "that little kid has already grown enough to become a teacher at the Imperial Academy? I remember when he refused every teacher and only wanted you to teach him."

"believe it or not but at 18 he started teaching there" said Ezio while looking at Julia who had an astonished face. "and while he's teaching there he's also making connections with the sons of powerful men who reside in the capital. In terms of intelligence, I think only Enzo could rival him"

Julia smiled when she heard what her husband said. she knew that her husband thought highly of her son but she never thought that he can compare with that monster. After putting the delicious food on the table she called for Enzo. With a frown in his face, he came out of his room and started eating silently.

"What's on your mind son?" Inquired Ezio.

"Well dad the things is, I was reading The Art of War and it really impressed me. and I was wondering why the writer, Sun Tzu, despite his genius wasn't made a general at least. If the royal family hired him the Kelibian kingdom would have conquered the known world by now," replied Ezio with a frowning face.

"The world doesn't work like that son, no matter how genius you are, if you can't prove that in real life and practical situations then it doesn't matter. We don't even know who Sun Tzu is. It's just a nickname he went by. After writing the book he disappeared," Explained Ezio.

Enzo took his father's advice to heart and after finishing eating, went to his room and spent the rest of day finishing the book.

As the night fell, and the sun was replaced by the moon. A gust of wind blew out the candle flames in the streets. Clouds thicken, blocking out the light of the moon. The sound of horses can be heard from afar. Enzo, sweating and having a hard time breathing, suddenly opens his eyes to welcome the night that he will never forget. The night that will haunt him whenever he closes his eyes in the future.
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    《Silver-Haired Devil》