Reborn in the Marvel with 1 Wish
1 A Hero... and a GOD
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Reborn in the Marvel with 1 Wish
Author :New_Hiro
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1 A Hero... and a GOD

I just lived a normal life as a boring human with nothing fun in my life. I just wake up, go to school, and sleep. I wish I could get more in my life. I longed to be something. I always loved those movies about a hero that saved the day. They always lose something and become stronger. I wish I lived a life as a hero. Just without the loss part. Well enough of the sadness. It was time to go to school.

Jackson- Goodbye mom. Love you...

I always get nothing in return. I think she just does not love me. I love my family but they cannot love me back for some reason. *Sigh* as I was walking to school, I stopped and went to a coffee shop first.

Waiter- Welcome, please take a seat and we will get right with you.

After I got coffee I got on the bus. I was still tired but thanks to the coffee I am much better. I saw a suspicious guy on the right side of the bus. He just seemed to be too nervous. I ignored him and looked out the window. When we reached a bridge he suddenly stood up and pointed something metallic at us. It was a GUN!!

Robber- Everyone get on the ground and I won't hurt you... Yet. heheheHAHAHHA.

He pulled open his jacket and showed a bomber vest. This was bad. I need to do something.

Lil girl- Mom... Are we going to die...

Mother- No we will not.

She quickly grabbed her daughter and hugged her. I walked stealthily and told the little girl all will be fine. I am going to take care of it. The girl got a little bit better. The mother had a look of understanding in her eyes. It is time to show the world I was a hero. I will show them that I would save the people on this bus. Even if I die. I will help them. When the guy had turned himself away from me to look around. I rushed forward and tackled him through the window. We made it off the bus. Not the bridge. I tried to push him off the bridge and away from me. It did not work. He was falling and took me with him. *BBBAANNGGG!!!!!* Everything went black.


A few minutes later


Jackson- hah...hah... Where am I?

I looked around and only saw a white void. It was just empty... Nothing there.

???- Hello young soul. I am the God of reincarnation. I am here to send you off to the next world. Any recommendations. I will also give you one wish. Please choose wisely.

Jackson- Hello, I would like to go to the Marvel Universe. My wish will be a power cheat system.

The only reason why I need this system was to help others and protect those close to me. I will use when needed and not always. I will try to get stronger in my own way. That would be all.
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    《Reborn in the Marvel with 1 Wish》