Reborn as a saiyan
7 Douluo Dalu
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Reborn as a saiyan
Author :Reapers
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7 Douluo Dalu


(Sorry for the other chapters)

This time when going to this world I did not become a baby and was 8 years old

And I was at which seemed like the star dou forest 1 billion year before so I set up a comfortable

Place hidden and underground where no one would look but before that I saw beast that were stronger then the strongest in about 1 billion year so I killed most of them and made them my spirit beast, after I was done i dug the hole and went in my realm where time is slaw as 1 year in there is 1 hour so I spent probably billion year or more and everyone of my spirit beat

Were at i billion year ant the color was weird because the ring was silver which has probably never happened, by that time I have reached god king and was stuck on it for a few years and did not make it to the highest god king rank and now I went to shred academy as it was famous for being number one school I did not register just went see how it looked then after a few year it was tang San birth and I went to his first birthday and congratulated him no one was asking who I was they just focused on the important guest so it was easy for me to get in and soon I lowered my age to 2 years old and went and made myself pass out after knocking the door people came and saw it was a little boy similar to tang san's age and they made me serve him but tang did not think of me as a serve to but a brother as we grew up together we soon went to shred academy and the test was easy since I helped tang go to rank 50 he promised me not to tell anyone and soon he reached first class god though it was hard but we hid our true rank and made it 10 or something close to that,as I saw that my power was increasing I couldn't stay or the world would be put in chaos. @@
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    《Reborn as a saiyan》