Reborn as a saiyan
5 Tales of demons and gods
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Reborn as a saiyan
Author :Reapers
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5 Tales of demons and gods

And I was born but where? I was born as nice li brother twin brother to be exact we grew up played and trained well it was easy for me I buyed a realm with a time difference and I bought shadow clones and praticed till I could create billions of shadow clone so they could cultivate for me and when they disappear I get the amount they cultivated inside and I rose to bronze rank when I was 5 and helped nice li cultivate but I wanted to see the challenge so he didn't help and just rose his self but suppress it to under bronze so no one can find out once I was 11 I was at legend rank of course no one found out. Once we were at the holy orchid nice li woke up and looked at me and was scared that he was looking at himself without a mirror "I brother nie li. Nie li:oh hi who are you. He said "I am your twin brother don't you remember once I said that he got the memories of us playing he was surprised and shocked but back to class as the teacher entered nie li glared at her with an angered look I asked him why he was angry at the teacher he didn't say anything soon nie li challenged (bet) the teacher to a bet and went and stood at the back of the room and I followed home immediately and he was happy that I went with him soon other people started to join (commoners) teacher soon said our soul ream (I think that's what it is called) and I had an indigo and everyone was surprised that a commoner had an indigo soul realm and soon we didn't focus to the teacher cause we were talking about how we need to get money and I told them I could get money and they said I had 2 weeks nie li gave them their cultivation technique and I was talking to nie li. "Brother let's go get the money"nie li:lead the way. And we secretly went. To the ruins with my speed and brother nie li was confused nie li: where are we why are we here. "Before we came here I got bunch of spatial ring and took everything I gave the gem to nie li to cultivate and helped him break to silver rank in one night and nie li was surprised we collected more over few billion DSC (even though in the original there might have not been that much) we game 1 million DSC to each of our friends soon the test came and of course nie li got 100 on each and so did I to troll the teacher and we went back home to visit dark guild members attacked us and I took care of them and said that there was a shadow that defeated it. Soon the alchemy association already on nie li and my side we were not punished for anything after that we went to the auction and bid every thing in it everyone was so surprised even yang xin soon we had to fight the sacred family and don't worry about Xiao Ning'er she was healed by me me and nie finished off the beast horde and the dark guild and the demon king wasn't hard to beat sacred family was never going to do anything against glory city.and we faced the sage emperor? It was too easy.
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    《Reborn as a saiyan》