Reality Overtake
5 Trying Out Abilities
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Reality Overtake
Author :Juexin
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5 Trying Out Abilities

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Make sure you read the chapter named "Professor Ale" before reading this one!




"Let's head out to my lab yard then!" Professor Ale said.

Max nodded, and they all walked to a door at the back of the room that had a rectangular window at the top of it.

Through the window, Max could see a plot of blue grass outside that was about as large as 16 x 16 meter wide radius.

"Stand in the middle and try to make a shield." Professor Ale said, as he opened the door and guided them out.

Max walked over to the middle of the field, and tried to remember how he made the shield.

He remembered that it had something to do with his chi. Since he had focused it all into one part of his body.

"Hm…" Max mumbled as he held out his hand and then began channeling his chi.

Max closed his eyes and felt an energy wash through his meridians, as he began to channel all of that energy to his right palm.

"Hah!" Max shouted, as he felt like his body was being drained of power, but a transparent blue shield began to form in front of him.

It began to form into a 1x1 meter radius circle. Causing max to raise it up a little.

"Try transforming it a little." Professor Ale said, as he began writing notes in a notebook.

"Am I a test subject or something…?" Max thought.

Max then began to move his chi by controlling his energy. He imagined that it was just another muscle of his body that he couldn't feel.

Even if he couldn't feel it, he could still move it.

The shield began to stretch and bend into a tower shield, as it was a giant rectangle covering Max's entire body now.

"Can you make it larger?" Cyania said, as the larger it was the more useful it would be in war.

"Alright." Max said, as he began to expand it.

The shield slowly formed into a 5x5 meter area rectangle, as Max held it above him.

Then he decided to get off the ground a little, as he channelled chi below him and ordered it to carry his body up.

He formed a chi floor below his feet and began to float up as he formed the shield in his hand into a dome.

"Amazing…" Professor Ale spoke. As Max began to form a giant dome shield that was about the size of a large tent.

"Can't fit more than 25 people inside of it. But it should get larger as he grows stronger." Cyania said.

"It would appear that the more concentrated it is the stronger the shield is. While the more spread out it is the weaker it is." Said Professor Ale who noted that the shield was thinned out while in the giant dome shape.

"Alright that's enough. I've noted that your ability will be extremely useful in the future, and have reported it to the leader telepathically." Cyania said.

Max nodded, and reabsorbed his shield as his meridians felt full of power and vigor once more.

"Can't I just get a little more…?" Professor Ale asked pleadingly.

"No. We have more things to attend to." Cyania said.

Max nodded, and followed Cyania who headed back inside.

"We need to go to the Leader Azuria's office. She should have a partner for you." Cyania said.

"Partner?" Asked Max.

"Yes. Each Exceed gets a faction member who has undergone a tournament of strength as their partner. This is to ensure you don't get lost on missions, and have someone to rely on." Cyania answered.

Max nodded, and followed her as they walked through the halls and went over to the left side of the main room which housed the halls that had informational duties.

"It's just over there. I have something to attend to so you go and knock." Cyania said, as she pointed down the third hall and at the end of it.

There were double doors at the end of the hall, just like the other hall they had been to, but instead of crystal it was just blue wooden doors.

"Must not like overly fancy things." Max thought.

Max nodded, and continued down the hallway as Cyania walked away and out of the townhall.

Max walked by the blue doors in the halls, and looked through their windows.

He saw many libraries with scholars inside writing down on paper or books.

He also saw that some of the rooms were offices, and there were desks inside that had someone working on things individually.

"Must be the higher ups who have individual offices…" Max thought.

Max stopped at the blue double doors, and knocked as he could hear people talking inside.

"Ah, that must be the new Exceed, Max." A firm but female voice said as the doors swung open.

"Nice to meet you again Max. I'm Azuria." Said a women wearing an army officer's formal coat and held out her hand for him to shake.

Max nodded and shook her hand as he responded.

"Max. Good to meet you."

"This over here is Kai, your partner. I hope you two will get along for missions." Azuria said as she waved her hand at a boy who looked to be the same age as Max.

"Nice to meet you Max. I'm your partner. I'll help you along the way as Mrs. Cyania is always busy." Kai said.

Kai had a blue ponytail that went down to his lower back, and slightly feminine features as he smiled to Max, and held out his hand.

Even though Kai looked feminine, Max could tell from his clothing that this was definitely a guy.

As Kai wore a black and blue male uniform that had white gloves.

"Good to meet you Kai. I'll be in your care." Max said and shook his hand.

"This is a good pairing." Said Azuria.

"Max is a Guardian who focuses on strength, and Kai over here is mainly a ranged fighter." Azuria nodded her head in satisfaction as she knew these two would be a good team.

"So what weapon do you use?" Asked Max, as he wanted to know how to fight alongside his partner.

"I use a chi gun. It uses metal cartridges that are packed with chi from monster cores, and I can fire it at an opponent. It's very good for penetration damage." Kai said, while taking out a six shooter.

"It's a new prototype that we have just created this past month." Azuria said as she looked at the gun.

"It is still a prototype, but it packs a punch. The only drawback is it's high backlash of force that causes it to point up after a shot." Said Kai.

"I've already sent Jinna out on a mission, so i'll give you your first mission." Said Azuria who took out a piece of paper and handed it to Max.

"You are to hunt down a pack of direwolves that are terrorizing our herb gatherers in the nearby forest." Said Azuria, who walked back over to her desk and sat down to tend to her paper work.

"Yes ma'am!" Kai said, and saluted.

Max nodded, and tried to salute as well, but failed to do it as effectively as Kai.

"Lets go." Kai said, and Max began to walk out the door with him.

"LEADER! BAD NEWS!" A man in a suit came running over, as he was gasping to breathe air.

"What is it? Is it an emergency?" Asked Azuria.

"The Red Faction is invading! Their army is stationed in the grass fields near our city!" Said the man.

"I didn't expect them to come here so soon…" Azuria cursed as she scrunched her eyebrows and stood up.

"Max, change of plans…" Azuria spoke.

"I need your help in the defense of this city."
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