Reality Overtake
4 Professor Ale
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Reality Overtake
Author :Juexin
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4 Professor Ale

Hey guys, author here.

I'm going to start writing this story in third person.

Let me know if you think i should return to first person.


"Lets head back to the town hall. We need to get your ability appraised." Cyania spoke up, after Max was done talking about the stories from the blacksmith.

Cyania and Max walked down the street which had small blue particles rising up from the floor.

"What are these glowing blue sparks that keep floating up?" Max asked.

"Those are domain particles from the Elnos of this city." Said Cyania as she didn't stop while answering and kept walking.

Max had a confused expression and was about to ask again when Cyania continued.

"The Elnos is the core of this territory. It gives our members a power boost. Thus we must protect it from invaders at all costs."

Max looked up at the townhall that was just a few meters away from them down the street, as he asked another question.


"Yes. The other factions will invade this territory to claim it as theirs. We are expecting an attack at this point of the border soon, so one of our faction leaders are staying here."

Cyania picked up the pace as she answered the question, causing Max to walk faster as well.

"How do they invade?" Max asked, as he wondered how one would capture the Elnos if it gave its owning faction a boost.

"They bring an Invasion crystal. Every faction has two invasion crystals, and they are summoned to their respective faction capital every year. The invasion crystal cancels the enemy Elnos' power boost, which allows us to invade on equal grounds."

Cyania answered before continuing after seeing Max about to ask another question.

"In order to capture the Elnos, we must keep all enemy faction members away from their Elnos by 10 meters for one hour."

Cyania said stiffly, as she was getting tired with all these questions.

"Are those all your questions?" She asked.

Max still wanted to know more, but he guessed he would find them out in the future.

"Yes." Max spoke up, as they were at the entrance of the giant blue town hall building now.

"Good." Cyania responded.

Max looked over the town hall, and saw a shining blue light going straight into the sky. He thought that it was probably the Elnos Cyania was talking of.

It seemed like the light was inside the inner walls of the city, and in the middle of the castle where his room was at.

Cyania walked into the building, and Max followed behind her, as many scholars in greek robes and modern suits were running around carrying books.

The main room had ten halls connecting on the right and left sides.

Each hall on the left led to a certain area which kept information, while each hall on the right had labs for experimentation.

Cyania walked past the busy scholars who were running by, and headed into the fifth hall on the right, as Max followed her.

"Were heading to Professor Ale's laboratory. He has an appraisal stone which he crafted from monster cores." Cyania spoke.

Max nodded, and continued walking behind her, as he saw a long hallway with tens of doors on either side.

There was a long blue rug with diamond patterns going down it on the middle of the hallway.

At the end of the hallway was a double door which had crystal blue outlines and a blue crystal doorknob.

Cyania and Max arrived at the end of the hallway and she knocked on the door.

"Professor Ale? Its Cyania. I'm here to appraise the new Exceed's ability." Cyania spoke.

"Ah, Cyania! I was expecting you!" A man's voice could be heard from within the room, as the doors opened.

A man in a blue scientist coat, and a scruffy blue goatee stood at the door. The man had curly and unkempt blue hair, and his blue eyes had large bags under them.

"Is this the new Exceed?! Then let's get him checked! Follow me!" Ale said, as he waved them in, and rushed into the room.

Max walked into the room with Cyania, and saw giant cylindrical glass tubes around the room.

As he saw weird creatures with missing body parts floating around in the water inside them.

"Interested are you?! These are my test subjects!" Smiled Professor Ale.

"Ah! That one there is Sass! I call him that since he is always spasming every now and then!"

Professor Ale pointed at the cylinder tube, before he continued walking.

Max's eyes opened surprised as he looked at all the oddly shaped creatures.

The room had no rug, and only a cold blue stone floor. The only lights that shone in the dark room was from the cylinders with water and creatures inside of them.

There were papers scattered all over the floor, and Max thought he could see a few test tubes lying in a bundle on a desk nearby.

"Just moment…" Professor Ale said, as he went behind the desk and started to dig in the drawers.

"Ah, here it is." Professor Ale took out a black stone tablet that was shaped like a piece of paper that was an inch thick.

"Put your hand on it." He said, as he walked over to Max and put it on the desk.

Max nodded, and put his hand on it, as the black tablet began to glow bright blue before it returned to the black and white words began to glow on it.


Name: Max

Race: Exceed

Ability: Rebound Shield, E%@#*$&.


"Oh my! A rare case! He has a second ability!" Professor Ale exclaimed, as he adjusted his glasses.

"I've heard of an Exceed having two abilities, but never expected our state to have one! In our faction, the only state to have an Exceed with two abilities is the northern state!" Professor Ale said.

"Is there a reason that his second ability is blocked out in incomprehensible letters?" Asked Cyania.

"So she doesn't know everything…" Thought Max.

Professor Ale shook his head, as he was unsure as well.

"I don't know why it is censored out… But i'm sure it must be important. Perhaps Max here will learn how to use it in a crucial moment." Professor Ale said.

Max wondered what his second ability was, but he decided to leave it for when it wanted to tell him what it was itself.

He then looked at his first ability, and saw that it was Rebound Shield.

"My first ability is probably from when I was first born…" Max said.

"Oh? Can you tell me what happened?" Ale asked.

"He encountered a red faction assassin and summoned a blue energy shield which broke the assassin's sword." Cyania spoke.

"The ability probably has the power to defend its user and repel a certain amount of damage back at the attacker then." Professor Ale concluded.

"Just what we needed. You're a Guardian type Exceed." Professor Ale said to Max.

"Guardian type?" Max asked while wondering what it stood for.

"Yes. There are three types of Exceeds. Guardians, whose ability prioritize protection and defense, Strikers who have abilities that deliver devastating damage, and Supporters who buff, or debuff the opponent. In some rare cases, there are Supporters who can even heal." Professor Ale answered Max's question.

"We needed a Guardian type since our faction has mostly Attackers and Supporters. How big of a shield can you make?" Cyania answered and asked.

"Uh… I haven't tried yet." Max Said.

"Let's head out to my lab yard then!" Professor Ale said.

Max nodded, and they all walked to a door at the back of the room that had a rectangular window at the top of it.
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    《Reality Overtake》