Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 476 Part1
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Princess Medical Doctor
Author :承九
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Chapter 476 Part1

The manager of Futian Bank thinks so, but the reality was very cruel!

Lin Chujiu's purpose was not to force the Futian Bank to buy the Zhang Family's things. What she wanted is, for the Futian Bank to encounter a storm, and then… …

Bow to her!

Although the Zhang family faced this incident in the East Country, and the Zhang Family's rivals would definitely take this opportunity, but the East Country and the Central Empire were too far away from each other. In the early stage, she could only rely on herself, the Zhang Family's rivals action to take was still unknown.

She had no access to the central empire, nor has a contact person in the Central Empire. Although the young master of the Hua Family was saved by her, the Hua family still hasn't come. And even if she can take advantage of them, it's not now.

To suppress the arrogance of the Zhang family, she needs a stronger backer than their background. Futian Bank was a good choice.

Futian Bank was rich in wealth and has a strong background. All threats and temptations are all useless to them. She can only use proper “means” to force Futian Bank to compromise once.

Futian Bank was doing a banking business, so depositing and withdrawing money was normal. She brought silver tickets to Futian Bank and took out money. No one can deny that she didn't take out money from Futian Bank.

On the same day she took out 30 million silvers, she attracted the attention of ordinary people, and these people follow what she did. Lin Chujiu was expecting this. For thousands of years, the people of this continent have been like this, they easily get uneasy and gather around.

If the silver they saved was not held in their hands, they will be uneasy as soon as they heard a little wind. It's not that the people in this land were too timid, but this world was too dark and chaotic, forcing the people to be careful.

And in this era, it seems like the people have the same surname, which was to ‘gather'. There was no need to be different, and there was no danger going along with the flow. And even if there was a danger or not, they were not alone, there was a large number of people accompanying themselves.

It was not easy to force people to give up if they know these two points. Although what ordinary people did has caused some damage to Futian Bank, it can't hurt their foundation. What will scare the Futian Bank is those big customers taking out their money.

“Will those merchants listen to us and take out their money? Their money can't be compared to those ordinary people. Where will they put their money once they took it out?” Thinking about the pile of money in Xiao w.a.n.gfu, Su Cha couldn't help but frown.

Having money was a good thing. But what's the use of piling them?

If w.a.n.g Xiaofu was not a safe place, he was not sure if he could sleep well.

30 million, it's 30 million silvers ha. If someone stole it, he won't be able to pay it even if he sold their entire Su Family.

“The treasury, I will go to the emperor and let him open the national treasury to collect money. The imperial court will keep it for them. They only need to pay a little storage fee.” Yes, there will be no interest but rather a deposit fee. And the more they deposit, the higher the storage fee. On the contrary, ordinary people with a small amount of deposit, don't need to pay a storage fee.

Lin Chujiu didn't understand it at first, but later on, she understood it after thinking about it deeply.

The silvers were too heavy and it was very dangerous to carry it all the time. Another thing was that, if they carry it with them all the time, they might lose it after going back and forth and encountering many people. So… …

If you deposit a lot of money in a bank, you need to pay a protection fee.
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    《Princess Medical Doctor》