Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 475 Part2
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Princess Medical Doctor
Author :承九
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Chapter 475 Part2

“I heard that Futian Bank has a good relations.h.i.+p with those grain merchants. Those merchants' money is all saved in Futian Bank. So of course, they will choose to embarra.s.sed Xiao w.a.n.gfei. These people are simply racc.o.o.ns.”

The instigators were very skillful, he didn't say much, he only said a few words and guided the people to think about it. After he finished saying those words, he went to Futian Bank and withdraw his money. His money was not much, it was only a few silvers.

At first, there were only one or two people who followed through, but soon there were more and more. When the onlookers saw people outside Futian Bank, standing in line to withdraw money, they couldn't help but be curious. But the reason behind it scared them.

“Have you heard? Futian Bank is about to run out of money. If we don't take out our money in there, we may not be able to get it anymore.”

“Xiao w.a.n.gfei just took 30 million silvers, do you think Futian Bank will still have silver? Hurry up, if the exchange late the tickets in our hands, it will only become a waste paper.”

Recently, the people in the capital became fl.u.s.tered because of the price increase. So there were many people in the street don't want to do anything. But because of these people who don't want to do anything, the news spread like a storm. Soon, everyone learned about it.

Several branches of Futian Bank were surrounded by people taking out their money. The manager knew that this was not good, but at this time, how will he dare to refuse? If he refused, there will be more people who will withdraw their money in the bank.

From the moment Lin Chujiu left until the sky turned dark, there were still people in the Futian Bank withdrawing their money. Even when the bank closed, the people refused to leave. They're waiting for tomorrow comes to withdraw their money.

Their silvers will be safer in their hands right now. These thin pieces of paper will be of no use in the future.

The shopkeepers who had been busy for a day, when they saw that the sky turned dark, they released a sigh of relief. After closing the bank, they didn't dare to go home as usual. Instead, they hurried to find Futian Bank Manager of the East Country, to discuss what Lin Chujiu did during day time.

“Manager, what should we do about this? If we let these people take out their money, we will lose all the money on our bank.” Normally, it was alright, but today, Lin Chujiu took away 30 million silvers. The deposited money in the nearby branches was transferred out. Although they still have some silvers left, they can't stand this crazy event.

“No matter what, if someone looks for you to take out their money, you have to let them do it. I will find a way to transfer the money. Just give me a few days.” The Manager knew what trouble this will cause, but even if he knew, he must do it.

Futian Bank will not bow down their heads to this threat. If they bow down this time, they will end up like Tiancang Pavilion. They will never be able to say no again to Xiao w.a.n.gfu.

“Today, only ordinary people took out their money, so it was alright. But after a few days, when the big merchants also heard this news, they might also come to us to get their money. It will become troublesome by then.” Several shopkeepers frowned.

Well, how much money ordinary people only have?

However, today, they were very busy from morning till night, they cannot go out to get money. So now, they were afraid to encounter big customers like Lin Chujiu. They were sure those customers will take out hundreds of thousands as soon as they come. Where will they get the money?

The silvers they received these years were already sent back to the Central Empire. So now they cannot exchange a large number of silver tickets.

“No, Xiao w.a.n.gfei is just forcing us to buy those things. These people were temporarily blinded.” The manager said decisively.

At this time, he can't bear to think deeply. Because if he thought deeply, he will surely regret it… …
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    《Princess Medical Doctor》