My Werewolf system
80 The meeting Part 1
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My Werewolf system
Author :JKSManga
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80 The meeting Part 1

The vehicle was already on the move and the two of them could tell straight away as they felt the rumbling of the ground through the floor and the sound of the old engine. As for where they were going, it was impossible to tell, but right now, fear was going through both of the girls' minds as to what might happen to them.

Amy wanted to reach into her pocket to grab her phone but thought that would be too obvious. She was wearing a skirt in the first place and too much movement might cause it to drop it.

‘I'm surprised they didn’t take our phones off us.’

Thinking this thought their next move made it impossible anyway. Before she could try anything, their hands had strongly been forced behind them and black zip ties were used to tie them together. Not stopping there, black tape was also placed over both of their mouths, making it so the two of them couldn’t scream or call for help either.

“Stop resisting. I know it's a hard thing to do when you are placed in this type of situation, but trust me, this is also for your sake.” Raven said. “We’ll refrain from tying up your legs, but you should just cooperate. I’d prefer not having to get rid of two bodies as young as yours. I already have too much on my record and I don’t want to be adding this.”

Hearing Raven talk and knowing who he was caused both of the girls to gulp. They were suddenly aware how weak they were, how easy it was for a few adult men to restrain them like this. Neither girl thought to have a chance in a fight, and struggling was useless. For now, Amy wanted to hear Raven out, while trying to figure a way out of this situation.

“Great, as I tried to tell you yesterday, all I want is some information about my brother. It’s obvious that you two seem to know something about it. Just tell me everything that happened the day you met him, because that's the day he went missing as well. Again, for your own sake, you better not lie to me. I don’t want to hear what you might think I want to hear, I just need the truth.

“We could have done it the easy way, but you didn’t want to talk, so now we have to do it this way. Relax, I’m not a monster. We won’t torture you, since that will most likely just make you tell me what I want to hear.

“No, we're going to head to a coffee shop, and have a nice little chat, alright? A public place where I can’t do anything to the two of you so you both can feel at ease. If you can help me, all of this can be over soon. However, if you scream or try to escape… well, I don't think I have to tell you the rest.” Raven said as he pulled out a blade, and slid it up Stacy thigh.

Due to the situation and seeing the blade, the teenage girl couldn’t help but pee a little. She wasn’t embarrassed, though, as Stacy had far bigger problems than ruining her knickers. She just wanted to make it out alive at the end of all of this. She started to sob, regretting not having told Raven everything yesterday. Maybe then, none of this would have happened.

Eventually, after driving for a while, the car had stopped. The men cut off the zip ties and one even wiped Stacy’s legs clean. Next, the tape was removed from their mouths, yet Raven made sure to remind them what would happen to them if they were to make any noise.

The men took off their masks, and Amy tried to remember all of their faces. Each one of them started to leave the van with Raven being the last one. They had positioned themselves in a way around the girls, making sure they wouldn’t even attempt to make a run.

‘Crap these are real gangsters, they're not even giving us any chances!’ Amy thought. ‘And I can’t risk calling their bluff. They already resorted to kidnapping, it was a way to show us how serious they are.’

The next moment she was surprised that they were actually heading towards a normal looking coffee shop. School had only just ended, so it was still sunny outside, yet there were some customers and a couple of people behind the counter, just like any other coffee shop.

When the girls entered, Raven wasn’t too far behind them, and even more surprisingly, it looked like the men that had kidnapped them would be staying outside.

“Sit, please.” Raven smiled and pulled out two chairs for them as if he was being a gentleman. The table chosen was next to the outside window.

The three of them sat there for a while, Stacy still shaking. Amy wasn’t as frightened, but she wasn’t saying anything either, and it didn’t look like Raven was going to speak. Eventually, three coffees came over.

‘Should I write a note, pass something onto the staff? But if we get found out, it could put us both at risk.’ Amy contemplated her choices.

Raven just continued to sip his drink looking at the outside and eventually twenty minutes passed with no one saying anything. Stacy seemed to be hanging in there just barely, but Amy knew it was only a matter of time before she would break and say anything.

‘Why am I So worried about the truth anyway?’ Amy thought, her heart thumping loud.

In the end, Raven broke the silence at the table.

“You know, I have all the time in the world right now. I can wait here all day if you don’t want to cooperate. However, I'm sure your parents should be very worried about you by now. I gather a report must have been made by the school already, claiming they saw you two being kidnapped.

“What do you think will happen if your parents are unable to reach you? They’ll naturally start to worry about where their daughters are, but you see… I don’t care! I’ve had that feeling ever since that day! It’s up to the two of you how long your parents will have to suffer that feeling with me!”

There was a certain look the two girls could see in Raven’s eyes, he looked crazy, and it looked like they had no choice.


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