My Werewolf system
78 Fighting like a wolf
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My Werewolf system
Author :JKSManga
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78 Fighting like a wolf

It was clear to both Gary and Blake that the woman was done for. Using his large jaws, Billy took a bite out of her neck, leaving her with barely a few seconds to regret her decision of having gone out for a walk that day.

While Blake was staring at what a monster Billy was, who had just snapped her head off, for some reason, Gary was more concerned about the woman’s eyes. Before life left her, a look of absolute, sheer fright had been ingrained in them, and she had helplessly reached out with a hand to the two teenagers, hoping for some sort of help.

‘I was the one that created Billy, and now he’s killed again.’ Gary felt guiltier than before. ‘He hadn’t killed anyone other than his parents outside his own list! If we hadn’t attacked him today, if we hadn’t chased him down here and trapped him in this desperate situation… then she might have lived today…’

The green haired teenager blamed himself for this outcome. Previously, there had been nothing he could’ve done to stop Billy, simply because he had only heard about this list from Kai. However, right now, the woman had been an innocent bystander, who had just been unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time…

“Get up!” Blake shouted at Gary. “Get up and let’s kill this guy! We have to stop him from killing anyone else!”

Without waiting for his partner, the young Altered Hunter ran towards the feasting Werewolf as he grabbed a device from his belt. Throwing it as far as he could, a strange circular ball flew over Billy’s head and landed past him. The next second, the device activated and an electric barrier similar to the batons he would use was created.

It looked like an electrified wall that was now behind Billy, blocking his path of escape, forcing him to deal with the two of them.

‘No, he wasn’t going to run in the first place…’ Gary was sure of that.

[Skill activated Full Transformation]

[-20 Energy]

[Transformation has begun]

Gary's body started to change at that moment, his clothing began to rip from his body. He barely had enough time to take off the bag, which he now ripped open, revealing the purchased meat as well as a spare change of clothes that he had brought along.

Fully transformed, Gary immediately grabbed some food as he ran forward on all fours. Although Blake had a head start, he managed to go right past him with his increased speed.

‘He’s transformed fully, he looks the same as he did that day I found him.’ Blake thought, looking at his partner. ‘No, that’s not right… he seems a bit taller and leaner. I was right, his body has definitely improved since then.

I just hope he wasn’t bluffing when he said he could control it now…’

For a second, Gary turned his head around as he went past Blake, and snarled at the Altered Hunter.

“Rargh!” Gary shouted as he leapt forward.

Consuming the body allowed Billy to heal most of the damage the two teenagers had inflicted on him, and eating fresh meat meant he would be able to stay in his Werewolf Form longer. In essence, it was as if the duo would have to fight him from the beginning, while they were now slowly getting exhausted.

Billy, threw what was left of the body behind him into the electric wall made from Blake's device. It shocked the body for a few seconds before it fell to the ground.

The Omega wolf then charged to meet Gary’s advance. The latter might have grown, yet it was obvious which one was the larger Werewolf. The two collided and their claws intertwined. As expected, Billy was heavier and was able to push Gary back, but just as the former’s head moved forward to take a bite, the latter lifted his lower body and kneed Billy right in the jaw, causing his mouth to close shut.

Billy’s head flung back, and Gary backflipped, and the second he landed on the ground he charged forward again, slashing at the Omega wolf’s chest while he was still dazed. Two slashes were all Gary did before he could see a palm aimed at his head. Gary avoided the attack by ducking down at the right time and grabbed the other’s legs, lifting him off the ground and slamming him down.

Gary realised something, while he was in his Full Transformation form, his beast-like fighting urges would come out more often than not. He noticed it when he fought against the twins, and although that might be helpful in certain situations where Gary didn’t wish to be in control, where he didn’t wish to feel like he was the one actually hurting the others, it wasn’t exactly ideal for fighting.

He was nothing but a beast with large tools and a massive body at his disposal. Gary needed to keep a clear head even after being fully transformed. A clear head to fight just like he had been taught by Innu, to tackle properly like he was taught in Rugby, and when it came to it, to let his animal instincts take over.

‘I bit you once, so I don’t think you’ll mind me biting you again!’ Gary opened his jaws and bit Billy right on the neck as hard as he could. He could taste blood entering his mouth, and he hated to admit it, but the taste of Billy wasn’t exactly pleasant compared to others he had eaten before.

Billy, with his claws, stabbed them in Gary’s side now that he was on top of him, but he refused to let go.

[-25 HP]

“Don't worry, I’m right here!” Blake shouted as he had gotten right behind Billy. While the two were fighting, he ran around the side, avoiding the conflict. After seeing the way Gary had fought for the first few seconds, he was convinced that he was in his right mind. With Billy on the ground, the Altered Hunter had one sword, both hands wrapped around the hilt as he thrust it down as hard as he could, aimed at the Werewolf’s eye.

It was one of the most sophisticated parts of the body, and it was a way to avoid the strong hide Billy had. The sword managed to go through, piercing it and causing the Werewolf to howl at the top of his lungs.

He quickly pulled his claws out from Gary's side, and grabbed the sword with his bare hands, stopping them from going further. With his great strength the sword was snapped, and with his large legs he kicked Gary off him, once again getting up.

Billy still had part of the sword stuck in his eye, and blood was dripping down from his neck. On one side of the tunnel was Blake, while on the other was Gary.

There was nowhere for Billy to run, the two had him trapped, but a wild animal was always the most dangerous when it found itself in a desperate situation.

Aside from the purchased meat and a second set of clothes, Gary had also left his phone in the now ripped bag. The teenager had been aware that there was a chance he might have to fully transform, and that it would rip his clothes, so he had kept his personal items inside for safekeeping.

Right now, the phone made a sound, as a new message had appeared on it.

[Gary, I'm keeping my promise, right now, I think me and Stacy might be in trouble. There’s a strange guy asking for his brother. He forced us to go to a coffee shop with him. Please help.]


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    《My Werewolf system》