Kuang Shen - Mystic God
21 Rejected
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Kuang Shen - Mystic God
Author :AndikaIndra
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21 Rejected

As Riva walked closer, their voices became clearer, "Jiyan, let me protect you tomorrow. I can disguise myself as a student and enter the battlefield with you. I can only be reassured if I fight by your side tomorrow."

"Can you stop bothering me? Why are you such a pest? I can protect myself, I don't need your help. Do you think that you are impressive? Huh? Prove it! Make a full-frontal assault at the frontlines and make a full-frontal attack, wiping out both the demon and beast races in one fell swoop!"

Riva sounded troubled as he replied, "Jiyan, why don't you understand my feelings? We have known each other for years, but you still won't accept me!"

Jiyan smiled coldly, saying, "I only like those who are powerful, I have told this to you many times. Although you have become a Dragon Knight, you are still weak. Come talk again when you become a Dragon General, I may consider you at that time."

Riva smiled bitterly and said, "Aren't these conditions a little difficult? Nobody has ever become a Dragon General before the age of forty-five. Could it be that you want to marry when we are both forty-some years old?"

Jiyan replied, "Who said that I wanted to marry you? There are always powerful individuals in this world. I advise you to find another target for your affection and stop bothering me in the future. Anyways, the night is late; I need to go back and rest."

"Jiyan..." Riva grabbed Jiyan's arm, pleading piteously.

Jiyan leered at him. Even Riva, who had a tyrannical mastery of martial arts, couldn't do a thing about her. Under her forceful glare, he had no choice but to let go.

Jiyan quickly withdrew her arm. Sniggering coldly, she turned around and left.

Rivafound himself staring idiotically at Jiyan's departing silhouette under the moonlight. Suddenly, he spoke, "You have seen enough, come out."

Zord came out of the shadows and walked up to Riva.

Riva looked at me from head to toe, "Oh, it's you Zord. Your powers have been growing at an incredible pace; If by chance, I hadn't noticed the sound of your breathing, I really wouldn't have discovered you.

Zord said plainly: "You still discovered me, anyways, I was only passing by."

Riva stepped forward and patted Zord's broad shoulder saying, "You are the only person in the school whom I think highly of, be careful out there tomorrow. War is not a trifling matter. Also, please take care of Jiyan for me, I don't wish for her to get hurt."

Zord saw Riva's sincere side for the first time under the shadows of the whirling and untrimmed trees. As Zord turned around and walked back in the direction that he came from he said, "She is


Riva looked at the departing silhouette of my back, his eyes revealing the trace of a smile.

The students stood within the city wall, prepared for the coming battle. All of them wore battle armor supplied by the military. Due to their special identities, the army gave us the best quality equipment.

Layson's voice called out from the left: "Brother Zord, aren't you even a bit nervous?"

Zord shot a glance at him: "Nervous? What's there to be nervous about? Just don't forget what I said yesterday, and do what you are supposed to do."

Not far behind Zord, Jiyan stared at me with perplexed eyes.

A general walked up to them. He wore silver chainmail, a forked helmet, and held a long spear. He looked to be about 40 years old and from his heavy solid and imposing manner, Zord could tell that he was a commander that had experienced countless battles.

"Students of Sky City academy, today, you will face our most deadly foes: the Demon Beast Alliance. The Marshal has arranged for you to join my left winged forces. In the entire army, my platoon is the most valorous and vigorous. On the battlefield, you can only survive with your own strength. I understand that this is your first time, but I request that all of you face this boldly. If anyone becomes a burden for us or a burden for my brothers, I will not hesitate to end that person's life. Do you understand?"

"We Understand." The reply seemed low spirited.

The general glared furiously and shouted loudly: "Do you understand?"

"Understood!" Under his pressure, the students became noticeably louder.

The general raised his spear high in one hand and shouted:


The army troop that the General led was a heavy cavalry unit. Heavy cavalry units were also the most expensive units to maintain. The students were assigned to the leftmost flank of the unit, while the sides were filled with the heavy cavalry units. They were covered from head to toe with black armor, including their war horses. Every single person carried an assault spear around 3 meters long.

Zord looked at their strictly organized unit, then looked back at our laxly spread out one. Us 100 students looked unremarkable compared to the whole heavy cavalry unit of 30,000 people, standing in formation. Their dense bloodlust pervaded the air. Around Zord, all of the Sky City students relaxed, it was obvious that they were relieved that such powerful units were protecting them.

A large amount of troops from the Dragon Empire stood in front of the fort in a complex formation. Zord was unfamiliar with this kind of formation, as it did not coincide with the descriptions in the military books that he had read in the library.

On the two flanks of the Dragon Empire's army, there were the heavy cavalry troops, the center consisted mostly of infantry, and behind the infantry lay the magicians. The light cavalry units were nowhere to be seen.

Zord was confused, "The center of the formation could easily be broken by the enemy's heavy units. But I doubt that General Rivo would make this kind of mistake with his experience. Then is it a trap to lure the enemy too deep inside the army? But I don't think this is the case either."

The beastman army forces are on our front right and the demon clan on our front left, which meant the enemy that they were going to confront was the demon clan.

Charge!" The Demon Clan, on the opposite side, initiated the attack; countless different kinds of low-level demonic beasts could be seen rushing towards us.

The silver-armored general, who gave the students an admonitory talk just now, lifted the long spear in his hand and all of the heavy cavalries held their 3-meter long steel spears with both hands and leaned their bodies forward, pointing their spears straight ahead. Zord immediately understood the meaning of their actions.

Under the leadership of the silver-armored general, the heavy cavalry troops on the left flank charged towards the demonic beasts, like a lump of black cloud. The student army forces were left behind by this unexpected charge, and some of the students even purposefully slowed down their horses; "was it because they wanted to eat dust? The scene of the thousands of soldiers charging at their enemies made my blood boil intensely"
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    《Kuang Shen - Mystic God》