Journey To Become A True God
139 ambiguous situation in the bathroom
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Journey To Become A True God
Author :DarkForces
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139 ambiguous situation in the bathroom

After getting permission to leave early, Li Qingzu invited Ye Chen to go to her house.

"Oh yeah, what's your name? "Li Qingzu asked Ye Chen.

"I'm Ye Chen, then what is your name? "Ye Chen actually knew, but he pretended not to know Li Qingzu.

"I'm Li Qingzu, nice to meet you," Li Qingzu smiled at Ye Chen.

"Hemm Li Qingzu, it seems I have heard that name, are you one of the school's flower in Hexing?" Ye Chen wanted to confirm whether this woman really was Li Qingzu who was a school flower.

"How do you know, do you also go to school there? "Li Qingzu did not expect that Ye Chen knew about her.

"Yes, I also went to school there, I was in the second know" Ye Chen did not understand where this woman looked cold ?, from the beginning to meet Li Qingzu was quite friendly to him.

"Oh, so you're a junior, I'm currently in my third year" Li Qingzu called Ye Chen, a junior.

Hearing this Ye Chen smiled "Speaking of the rumors I heard you were quite cold to everyone, but what I saw you were not like that" Ye Chen was curious about this.

"Actually I was forced to be cold in school so that I was not bothered by other people, every day there were always lots of men who wanted to be close to me, they used various ways to get close to me, so I changed my attitude to everyone and started chasing everyone out. the person who tries to be close to me "what Li Qingzu wants is only to study quietly while at school, she wants to graduate with good grades and get a decent job.

"So that's what happened" Ye Chen nodded at Li Qingzu

Li Qingzu's house was not too far from Aunt Chen's stall, within a few minutes Ye Chen arrived at Li Qingzu's home.

Li Qingzu's house is just an ordinary house with a size of 6x10 meters "let's go in" Li Qingzu invited Ye Chen into her house.

In Li Qingzu's house it looks very simple, there are only chairs, tables and television, it looks very simple.

"Get your clothes off, I will wash them" Li Qingzu asked Ye Chen to undress so she could wash them.

Ye Chen thoughtlessly took off his clothes, when Ye Chen had taken off the upper part of Li Qingzu's face flushed, Ye Chen's perfect muscles were clearly visible in front of Li Qingzu.

This was the first time Li Qingzu saw a man's body this close.

she is so stupid to tell a man to undress in front of her.

She should have told Ye Chen to undress in the bathroom.

Seeing Ye Chen intend to take off the bottom of the pants, Li Qingzu immediately stopped him "Ye Chen wait, you should take it off in the bathroom".

Li Qingzu escorted Ye Chen to the bathroom in the back.

With the part of the naked bag Ye Chen followed behind Li Qingzu.

After arriving Ye Chen went into the bathroom and took off all his clothes and handed them to Li Qingzu for washing.

Because Li Qingzu did not have a washing machine, she had to wash it manually.

in the ceiling of the bedroom Ye Chen saw his pants and bra being dried, these underwear were dominated by black and dark purple, this was a very sexy color.

It seems like Li Qingzu likes to wear underwear that are brave enough.

Li Qingzu, who was washing Ye Chen's clothes, suddenly remembered something, this morning she was drying her underwear and bra in the bathroom.

If Ye Chen saw that it would be very chaotic, Li Qingzu really liked to wear sexy underwear, there was a special pleasure when wearing sexy underwear.

she immediately put down Ye Chen's laundry and rushed to the bathroom.

Without much thought Li Qingzu opened the bathroom door, Ye Chen happened to not lock the bathroom door, so Li Qingzu could enter.

Li Qingzu immediately saw Ye Chen's naked body, Li Qingzu's gaze dropped down and saw a large man's meat stick.

Li Qingzu was surprised to see that Ye Chen's object was very large, moreover it was still not fully erect.

Ye Chen saw Li Qingzu enter in surprise as he immediately covered his younger brother.

"Li Qingzu, what are you doing?" Ye Chen asked for Li Qingzu's explanation.

"Me. . . ., me. . . . "Li Qingzu did not know how to expose this to Ye Chen, instead she saw her own underwear hanging from the ceiling.

"It's over, he must have seen it, now he will think that I'm an open woman." Li Qingzu was very embarrassed, her face turned red like an apple.

Li Qingzu closed her eyes and ran to try to get the underwear, she was hanging from the ceiling.

"Li Qingzu, what are you doing?" Ye Chen asked for Li Qingzu's explanation.

"Me. . . ., me. . . . "Li Qingzu did not know how to expose this to Ye Chen, instead he saw his own underwear hanging from the ceiling.

"It's over, he must have seen it, now he will think that I'm an open woman." Li Qingzu was very embarrassed, her face turned red like an apple.

Li Qingzu closed his eyes and ran to try to get the underwear he was hanging from the ceiling.

Because Li Qingzu's slippery floor suddenly slipped "ahh. . . "she naturally screamed.

Li Qingzu crashed into Ye Chen, Ye Chen who was not ready also fell with Li Qingzu.

Li Qingzu was currently lying down riding Ye Chen's body, moreover her body was hugged by Ye Chen.

Li Qingzu could feel the warmth of Ye Chen's arms, this was the first time Li Qingzu felt this kind of comfort.

"You're fine," Ye Chen asked Li Qingzu's state.

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Li Qingzu immediately woke up, she tried to get up from Ye Chen's body.

When Li Qingzu stood up, she suddenly touched Ye Chen's younger brother.

Li Qingzu felt touched something hot, out of curiosity Li Qingzu tried to squeeze it, when squeezed by Li Qingzu this thing got bigger and harder.

"Arggg" Ye Chen moaned in pleasure because his possessions were touched by Li Qingzu.

Li Qingzu immediately realized that what was held belonged to Ye Chen.

The current situation became ambiguous, because it was too ashamed that Li Qingzu could not think clearly.

"How long will you hold it" Ye Chen couldn't stand it when his younger brother was held by the beautiful Li Qingzu.

The fire in Ye Chen's body began to rise, if it continued like this then something bad would happen.

"Li Qingzu regained consciousness and immediately stood up, she took the underwear that was hanging on the ceiling and immediately ran away from the bathroom.

Ye Chen, who was still hard downstairs, was left alone in the bathroom.

After a while Ye Chen had finished bathing and came out of the bathroom, Ye Chen was wearing the clothes that had been prepared by Li Qingzu, Li Qingzu had prepared the clothes of his late father for Ye Chen.

Li Qingzu has now also finished washing Ye Chen's clothes and drying them, because they do not have a dryer at home, they have to be dried manually to dry.

Li Qingzu did not know what to say at this time, she felt confused to start a conversation.

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    《Journey To Become A True God》