Journey To Become A True God
138 Meet Li Qingzhu
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Journey To Become A True God
Author :DarkForces
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138 Meet Li Qingzhu

Ye Chen brought Xia Qingyu back to the company.

In the car Xia Qingyu looked at Ye Chen curiously, she wanted to know who Ye Chen really was, this person was able to make the owner of the Red Star Building fear him.

The situation was still the same as before, Xia Qingyu did not want to speak in the slightest to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was more focused on absorbing Xia Qingyu's virgin Yin.

Ye Chen and Qingyue finally arrived at the company.

"I want to ask for your contact information just in case something happens" Xia Qingyu asked for Ye Chen's contact information.

Ye Chen gave his contact information to Xia Qingyu.

"Your task is finished, you may leave now" After exchanging contact information, Xia Qingyu immediately went back to her room.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed to see that Xia Qingyu was quite difficult to approach.

Because his visit to the company to see it was over, Ye Chen left the company.

Starting from this morning Ye Chen felt that he was being watched by someone, Ye Chen saw the person watching him was a cultivator, unfortunately his level was very low, this person was only in the initial stages of Spirit Profound Realm.

Ye Chen remembered Luo Bing's words this morning, Yun's family must have sent someone to investigate Yun Hao's death, it seemed like this person's target was him.

Ye Chen deliberately did not expose this person's existence, he wanted to see what this person would do to him.

Ye Chen acted like a normal person, he kept walking to his villa. On the way, it happened that Ye Chen passed by Aunt Chen's food stall, Ye Chen had just stopped by here, it hadn't been here for a long time.

Aunt Chen's stall is more crowded than before, there are many buyers lining up here.

Ye Chen approached and ordered something, it just so happened that the person who was receiving the order turned around in the Other direction, Ye Chen felt familiar with this girl

 "I want to order something" Ye Chen ordered food to this girl,

Hearing someone order, this girl turned towards Ye Chen, when this girl turned around she smiled at Ye Chen.

this woman is Li Qingzu, it turns out that Li Qingzu works part time at this place.

"Sir, what do you want to order? "Li Qingzu immediately ordered Ye Chen's order.

"I want to order 50 goat skewers and a drink," Ye Chen told Li Qingzu's order.

"We will make your order" Li Qingzu felt she had met this young man, but she forgot where she had met with Ye Chen.

After ordering food, Ye Chen waited patiently on the chair.

In a corner there was a person who was watching Ye Chen's movements, this was Yun Gu's elder, the person who was told by Yun Pojun to find the person who had killed Yun Hao.

after receiving a report from Li Hun, Yun Gu watched Ye Chen's movements, so far Yun Gu still had not found evidence that Ye Chen was the culprit of Yun Hao's killer.

Because he long ago found the person who killed Yun Hao, Yun Pojun always scolded him.

"Sir, this is your order", after a few minutes Li Qingzu delivered Ye Chen's order.

Li Qingzu prepared to put Ye Chen's order on the table.

"Li Qingzu, you're here," several people approached Aunt Chen's shop, these people were looking for Li Qingzu.

"Li Qingzu quickly repays your father's debt" this person shouted in front of Li Qingzu.

"Mr. Ji, please give me time, I promise that in a few days I will pay off my father's debt." Li Qingzu's body trembled while trying to talk to this man.

"I've given you plenty of time, so now quickly pay all your debt, if you can't pay it, then you have to pay it with your body" Ji Kong looked at Li Qingzu's body passionately.

"Now I don't have money," Li Qingzu stuttered, saying to Ji Kong.

"It's none of my business, what I want is payment from you" Ji Kong slapped the plate in the hands of Li Qingzu.

The plates hit Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen's suit was now full of sauce stains.

Seeing this, Li Qingzu took a tissue and tried to clean Ye Chen's body and clothes.

Unfortunately the sauce stain was too much, Li Qingzu could not clean it.

Ye Chen who didn't know anything was suddenly dragged into this matter, he stood up from his seat and stood in front of Ji Kong.

"What do you want? "With an innocent look Ji Kong glared at Ye Chen.

" What do you want? , of course giving you lessons, Bamm. . . . Ye Chen hit Ji Kong.

Ye Chen hit Ji Kong right in the mouth, almost half of Ji Kong's teeth fell out.

Blood dripped from the mouth of Ji Kong, seeing this fight almost all visitors in this place were interested, there was rarely a free spectacle like this.

"What are you doing quickly kill him" Seeing his bodyguard just keep quiet, Ji Kong scolded them all.

the four Ji Kong guards just realized, they all rushed towards Ye Chen, these people didn't hesitate to use a sharp knife to fight Ye Chen.

"Watch out" Li Qingzu shouted in panic as these people pulled out a sharp knife to deal with Ye Chen.

all the buyers did not dare to interfere, some of them tried to contact the police to come here immediately.

Seeing those people coming towards him Ye Chen used his feet to kick the chest of these four people

"Bamm. . , Bammm. . . . , Bamm. . , Bammm. . . "Four consecutive kicks flew to these four people.

The people who had just been kicked by Ye Chen all grabbed their chests and groaned in pain.

Ye Chen was angry because he was bothered when he wanted to eat quietly, people like Ji Kong kept coming to him to look for problems that made him very disgusted.

"Li Qingzu, watch out for you" Seeing his men carrying sharp weapons were defeated easily, Ji Kong decided to run away from this place, before running away Ji Kong gave a warning to Li Qingzu.

seeing Ji Kong running Ye Chen took a knife from the ground, he threw it a sharp knife at Ji Kong who was running.

"Ouch" Ji Kong immediately fell to the ground, he felt a cold object stabbed into his thigh, when he looked back there was a knife stuck in his thigh.

In the corner of Yun Gu who saw this raised his eyebrows, Yun Gu saw how Ye Chen threw the knife very expertly.

This was impossible for ordinary people to do, Yun Gu began to suspect that Ye Chen was the one who killed Yun Hao.

"I will report this to the head of the family" Yun Gu stopped watching Ye Chen and left this place.

After being satisfied giving lessons to Ji Kong, Ye Chen intends to go home to clean himself.

"Master, you are alright" Li Qingzu anxiously arrived at Ye Chen's side.

"I'm fine" Ye Chen said while trying to clean his dirty self.

"Sir, how about you go to my place to clean yourself", seeing Ye Chen who was dirty because of her mistake, Li Qingzu made up her mind to make up for it by washing Ye Chen's suit.

"That will trouble you" Ye Chen was not comfortable bothering Li Qingzu.

"It will not bother me at all, Wait a minute I will ask aunt Chen on leave" Li Qingzu went to aunt Chen to ask for leave early.

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    《Journey To Become A True God》