Journey To Become A True God
137 predecessor
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Journey To Become A True God
Author :DarkForces
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137 predecessor

"Why are you asking for my approval, if you have the ability you can hit him" Xia Qingyu is getting annoyed because the conditions proposed by Jun Moxi are getting weirder.

Ye Chen's job was only to escort him alone, Xia Qingyu did not have the authority to make Ye Chen willing to be beaten by Jun Moxi.

"So you want to fight?" Ye Chen went and hit Jun Moxi.

This time Xia Qingyu did not stop Ye Chen "Bamm. . . . , Bamm. . . . , "Jun Moxi's eyes changed to Panda's eyes.

Jun Moxi gritted his teeth, this was the first time Jun Moxi had been battered by someone.

Seeing Jun Moxi not speak The meeting ended in a deadlock, Under the table Jun Moxi's hand holding a cellphone was contacting someone to come here and teach Ye Chen a lesson.

A few minutes later someone kicked the entrance, more than 50 people walked into the room.

These 50 people carry weapons in their hands "Jun brother, where is the person you want to teach a lesson" the man with red hair asked Jun Moxi.

"Finally you come, hurry up and beat this guy, he dares to make me like this" with eyes like a panda Jun Moxi pointed at Ye Chen.

Seeing the situation become chaotic Xia Qingyu was afraid, all of this was wrong by the person next to her, if only Ye Chen had obeyed all of this would not have happened.

"You all quickly hit him" the man with red hair gave orders to the people behind him.

Ye Chen straightened his clothes and welcomed these 50 people, with extremely fast movements Ye Chen hit 50 of these people flying in all directions.

The situation in this room became chaotic, 50 people carrying weapons were defeated very easily by just one person.

Jun Moxi was afraid to see this, he could not believe the ability of Xia Qingyu's bodyguards to be very competent, even 50 people with weapons could be defeated in just seconds.

Hearing chaos in room 5 several security officers immediately rushed there.

When they arrived they were all shocked by the sight of 50 people scattered on the floor with several bruises all over their bodies.

Hearing the battle report, the owner of this place immediately rushed to room No. 5.

"Who dares to wreak havoc at my place" The owner of this place turned out to be Ai Lang Bos. The red wolf gang, behind Ai Lang, there were several members of the red wolf gang who escorted him.

Seeing who was in the room Ai Lang immediately ran towards Ye Chen.

"Forerunner" Ai Lang saluted Ye Chen, Ai Lang still remembered the scene where Ye Chen defeated a hundred people

 that he belonged to, moreover this person didn't work when he was shot by a firearm, when Ai Lang thought about this his body trembled a little because of fear.

Ye Chen saw the person who saluted him, Ye Chen couldn't remember what this person's name was.

" Who are you ? "Ye Chen asked Ai Lang's name.

"This little guy is Ai Lang, the boss of the red wolf" Seeing Ye Chen forget himself Ai Lang was not discouraged.

In the eyes of someone as strong as Ye Chen, Ai Lang was nothing to him.

Jun Moxi and the red-haired man were surprised to see Ai Lang's attitude towards Ye Chen, they had never seen Ai Lang the boss of the red wolf gang who had such great respect for someone like this.

What's more Ai Lang called this person the predecessor, this made Jun Moxi and the red-haired man more surprised.

"Oh so you are Ai Lang" Ye Chen nodded his head.

"What are you predecessors doing here? "Very respectfully Ai Lang asked why Ye Chen was in his place.

"I'm taking my Ceo to do business, I didn't expect these two people to look for trouble with me" Ye Chen looked at Jun Moxi and the red-haired man.

Ai Lang turned his eyes towards Jun Moxi and the red-haired man.

"Jun Moxi, Dong Zuo how dare you cause trouble at my place, beat up these two people and drag them in front of their predecessors to apologize" Ai Lang told all his men to capture Jun Moxi and Dong Zuo and drag him forward to Ye Chen to apologize.

Hearing what Ai Lang said, Jun Moxi and Dong Zuo's body shuddered, a dozen people went towards them and beat them both.

After being battered, Ai Lang's child brought Jun Moxi and Dong Zuo in front of Ye Chen and told them to kneel.

"Quickly apologize to the predecessor" Ai Lang told the two men to apologize to Ye Chen.

"predecessor please forgive me" Jun Moxi was the first person to apologize, then followed by Dong Zuo who also apologized to Ye Chen.

Even though Jun Moxi is strong, he can't possibly offend the Red Wolf Gang, both of them are in a different world, if Jun Moxi looks for trouble he might be killed by Ai Lang.

Jun Moxi didn't expect that, bodyguard Xia Qingyu knew Ai Lang, moreover Ai Lang had great respect for Ye Chen

"What do you want to do with these two predecessors?" Ai Lang asked what to do with Jun Moxi and Dong Zuo.

"Wait a minute" Ye Chen went to the side of Xia Qingyu.

"Ceo Xia, which document of agreement do you have?" Ye Chen asked Xia Qingyu for a document, Xia Qingyu submitted the cooperation agreement for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the contents of the document that had been made by Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen asked Ai Lang's men to slightly change the contents in this document, Ai Lang's men deftly finished everything.

"If you want to leave, you have to sign this," Ye Chen handed the document agreement to Jun Moxi to be signed immediately.

Because being forced by Ai Lang helplessly Jun Moxi signed this document, Jun Moxi hasn't even read the document he signed.

"Ceo Xia, this is the document of his cooperation" Ye Chen gave the document back to Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu received the agreement document from Ye Chen, she wanted to see what was changed by Ye Chen in the agreement document.

When Xia Qingyu read the cooperation contract, she was even more surprised, everything in this agreement only benefited the Xiannu company.

"Let's go back," Ye Chen invited Xia Qingyu back to the company.

Xia Qingyu followed Ye Chen, from the beginning to the end she felt he was only an assistant to Ye Chen.

After exchanging contact information Ye Chen Chen said goodbye "Ai Lang thank you for your cooperation" Ye Chen left with Xia Qingyu.

"No matter the predecessor" Ai Lang saluted Ye Chen.

After Ye Chen disappeared Ai Lang finally felt relieved.

He saw Jun Moxi on the floor "you let them go" Ai Lang told his men to release Jun Moxi and Dong Zuo.

"Ai Lang why are you so afraid of him, this is not like you that I know" Jun Moxi did not dare to be angry at Ai Lang, he instead asked why Ai Lang was so afraid of the bodyguard Xia Qingyu.

Dong Zuo also has the same question as Jun Moxi.

"You two are very chaotic, do you know that person is very strong, even bullets can't hurt him" Ai Lang told how strong Ye Chen was to Jun Moxi.

Jun Moxi and Dong Zuo were both surprised that they couldn't believe that the person had been immune to bullets, whether that person was a superman could be immune from bullets.

"I will go, you guys take care of your own problems," Ai Lang left this room.

Jun Moxi also had to go, today he really suffered a huge loss, Jun Moxi had to make excuses when explaining everything to his father, maybe his father would be angry if he knew about this problem.

Dong Zuo took all his men away from this place.

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    《Journey To Become A True God》