Im In FairyTail World!
15 Primordial Prime
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Im In FairyTail World!
Author :Lord_Zkie
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15 Primordial Prime

I woke up this morning feeling a little strange like something interesting is going to happen

[Alexa a god gave you an ability]

What? A god? Why would they give me an ability?

[Apparently, The God took an interest in you because of your story]

So what's the ability

[Primordial Prime]

I can feel that the Ring got serious

So what can it do?

[Primordial Prime is a Skill that can Control over Life and Death if you have this ability you can control the life and death you can even Kill a God or...Create a God]

Ok, who's the God who gave me this?

[The Calamity God]

Calamity? I Took a liking to his name

[Calamity God is a Strong God Unlike the other Gods he belongs in the Dire Gods of God Realm Calamity god is so strong that not many gods and par with his strength]

What another side?

[The God realm is a 1 Realm with 5 Kinds of Gods]

Can you explain it?

[Yes,.....'Pure Gods' is the Gods that sent me here for you they always think of the Universe they don't want it to be destroyed you can Call the Good Gods, The 'Dire Gods' are the opposite of Pure Gods they always create trouble or try to take over or Destroy the Universe,The 'Anodyne Gods' are like the Neutral Gods there just living like normal,The 'Newborn Gods' are the Gods that's have been newly born or ascended as gods,The last is the 'Furtive Gods' Believe me, Alexa, if you meet one of them be on their good side or just ignore them These Kind of god is a Special God just right Under the Universe]

Ok, Who is the Universe?

[The Universe is unexplainable But It is Definitely the Highest of all]

Ok, Can someone Destroy the Universe?

[Yes there is but I can't tell that to you but you know HIM]


[Yes Alexa you know him]

Who is it?

[Sorry I can't tell you that I'll be obliterated into nothing]

Ok I don't want you to be obliterated

[You can Deny the Skill if you want]



Then pls deny it



[Alexa Because you denied the Calamity God's Gift you will now be in his bad side]



You didn't tell that to me! Ok, I Accept the Gift!

[Sorry I can't do that]

Can I wish for it?


Then pls do if the Primordial Prime can kill a god then I'll just kill him


A Flood of Information came to my Head

"Atleast im Safe now"

[You are really A Fool]

Hey, what do you mean by that?

[You're not thinking Alexa pls Analyze every word I said]

Ok Now you're just being unreasonable

ok Let's just put that everything aside

I Want to learn Everything about the Space Magic

I mean I learned it but I want to use it

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Especially "World Transverse," I Think it's a spell that can Bring you into another world

I tried using it but it doesn't work I tried many Times I used the procedure and technique but still none I wonder why?
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    《Im In FairyTail World!》