Im In FairyTail World!
14 I“m Back
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Im In FairyTail World!
Author :Lord_Zkie
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14 I“m Back

When i got in the house it was a mess

That moron!

"Do you want me to clean them?"Drake spoke

"You can?"

"Of course"He said with a smile

"Then Please"

"Right away"












"I Think this is your's"Drake handed me a letter

"Dear Alexa,

I heard you took an S-class trial GoodLuck i wish you could be here i want to show you what i got from the last mission i got but your not here and oh yeah There's a kid in the guild named Natsu can you take care of that idiot for me?Pretty please?I don't know how long i'll be gone i took on a Century quest.If your reading this you must be at the house this is a important message Alexa your family is looking for you here in Ishgar you must be very careful but if you want to go to them feel free.

An i wish you good luck hope you can a S-Class wizard like me



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I Crumpled it

"Who does he think i am!?A Baby sitter"I Shouted in Range

I Sat down and calmed my self

"There looking for me?I Want to meet them already but not now"I Said

"Alexa someone is looking for you a Cat and a pink haired boy"Drake said

"Let them in"I said

Kyaaaahhhh it's Natsu in the Flesh!

"Uhmmm"Natsu said while blushing

"What do you want?"I asked

"Uhmmm"Ok He can't say it

"If you don't need anything the door is open"I Said

"No i just"He can't say it

"Actually natsu Wants some training from you"Happy said he's on the table

"I Also want to"He said

"If you want to train Drake come here"I said


"Train this cat"I Said

"Yes Maam"He looked at Happy"Let's go"

And the two of them left

"And you?"

"I Also want to train"

"You can train by yourself you don't need help from me you just need Courage and Power"I Said

"Hey happy got a special training why can't i?"

"Ok i will train you in one condition"


"Cure you motion Sickness"I Said and Smirked


"Let me know if you cured them already ok?"I Said

"I Can't possibly cure that!"He said while going out

I want to help him but im afraid i might change something so i won't help him

Buy Happy on the other side i want to help him so he won't be useless in battles for them

See i have this theory that Happy is the Edolas Version of Acnologia so he might turn into a dragon

If He's not then i will turn Happy to a Dragon with Transformation magic just like Carla and Lily

And for now i need to prepare for the battle for that guild

"Phantom Lord"I whispered

Do i need to form a Team so i won't be lonely?

I Have an Idea!

And I Think you guys will Love it

I will make Team of 7 Most Powerful persons in every dimension

and there going to be my shield and Drake is the First member

I looked at Drake and smirked
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    《Im In FairyTail World!》