If I Never Loved You
70 Chapter 70 : Terry found someone
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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70 Chapter 70 : Terry found someone

The wedding begins.

No matter how much Anne didn't want to be near her parents right now, her father still had to walk her down the aisle to hand her over to Antonio.

But before he handed her over, he whispered into her ears: "All these Years ... We did you wrong."

Her father did not apologise, nor pleaded for forgiveness. But at the moment when his daughter was getting married, he said he had done wrong.

Anne's eyes instantly filled with tears ... She looked at Antonio... "Hey, did you hear him?" "Dad said they did wrong. They admitted that they had done wrong."

She didn't need them to apologize or try to make up for it. All she wanted was just for them to admit that they had been wrong, and that was enough.

Antonio clenched her hand to reassure her and before all these people, kissed his new bride.

Alice was the maid of honour and Sedem, the best man. Sedem whispered into Alice's ear: "you see, Anne and Antonio had a baby and now they're happily married, why don't we also have a baby of our own? Alice laughed in his face and responded, "You might never know, miracles do happen"

Terry stood at the church door for a while with Sheldon standing next to him.

"Let's go." He said. Terry looked back to see how happy Anne seemed with Antonio and he felt a pang of regret.

"Do you now regret it? Sheldon teased him.


Two years later

Terry came by to visit Anne.

Coincidentally, in order to prevent Terry from getting too close to Anne, Antonio left Wendy by her side.

"Anne, these will be good play toys for the boy." Terry tried to convince Anne to take the toys he had brought for her son.

He knew how Antonio always got jumpy when he came around Anne. For that reason, he always made it a point to frequently pass by and shower her with gifts just to get on Antonio's nerves.

Terry got up to put the toys down when he slipped on one of them lying on the floor and bumped into Wendy. They both fell and Terry landed on top of her.

Suddenly Wendy started screaming and run to the bathroom, "you! You! You Pervert!

When they fell, their lips brushed against each other.

Terry was stunned but he wasn't angry. On the contrary, he liked the soft feel of her lips against his.

"Anne, what is her name ah?" How old is she? Where does she live? What is she like? What does she like doing? "

"..."Anne looked into Terry's face and saw how serious he was, she was dumbfounded.

Terry was beside himself with excitement.

God knows, his first kiss ever in his life was with Anne, and the second time, with this girl just now. That girl will be good for him, she was full of energy. Terry thought to himself, the fact that he kissed her and he wasn't appalled is enough

"Oh, my God! I finally found the one for me," he screamed.
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    《If I Never Loved You》