Hand of God
9 Heresy?... Heresy!
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Hand of God
Author :H34DSN1PES
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9 Heresy?... Heresy!

When Alex opened the door her nose was flooded with a vile stench of dried blood and gore, like that of a deer carcass left out in the sun for two weeks. The small stone chamber in front of her had two large rectangular iron cages on the left and right. The entire stone floor of the room was caked in layers of dried blood and what she could only assume was flesh. The most eye catching thing however, was the altar directly in front of her. It appeared to be constructed of humanoid bones.... Worst of all the skulls stacked to from the support of the table were not all adult sized. A few of the skulls appeared to be the size of infants and young kids. Shuddering at the sight before her Alexandria could only remind herself that Slate was a game.

Walking to the altar she heard a small wimper of pain from a corner of the cage on her left. Turning to look at where the noise came from, the light from her candle revealed a young girl who looked no older than 12 shackled in the corner of the cage. The young girl appeared to be malnourished and was missing locks of hair from her scalp. She was freshly scarred all over her arms and legs, with what looked like blood letting marks. Around her ankle was a large iron chain pinning her to the floor inside the cage. Alexandria immediately knew this girl must be William's daughter Margaret. She immediately said, "Don't worry Margaret your dad Williams sent me to save you. Hang on tight and I will find a way to get you out of here." Hearing this, Margaret nodded with tears in her eyes as she pointed towards the altar.

Heading to the altar, Alexandra noticed an odd book resting on it along with what she assumed was the keys to the iron cages and shackles. She quickly grabbed the keys to free Margaret, at the same time she placed the book in her inventory to use as evidence. Hurrying back to the iron cage she fiddled around with the keys for a minute before finding the correct one to the cage. Looking at the interior of the cage she was disgusted. Besides the blood that coated nearly everything, there was also bits of flesh and fecal matter. Whomever was kept in these cages must have suffered terribly just staying in this environment, let whatever happened to them to cause the blood and gore.

Unshackling Margaret she picked her up and left the room. Margaret was malnourished and wounded everywhere, it would be a miracle for her to properly recover let alone walk. Bringing her back up the stone stairs, Alex made it back into the Count's office. Thankfully it seemed like the Count had still yet to finish his work and hasn't made it back to his office. Peeking out of the office's door she checked the hallway and stairs to see if anyone was around. Seeing that the coast was clear she made a break for it, sprinting through the hallway and down the stairs back to the manor's front doors. She ran out the door carrying Margaret the whole way. As she was running she shouted towards the two guards, "Out of the way the Count needs to save this girl's life by getting her to the local physician!" Before the guards could even process what was happening, Alex dashed by them continuing to sprint towards the town forging center.

Arriving before the forging center she didn't stand on ceremony and immediately made her way towards Williams. Several apprentices shouted at her "Watch where you are going, people are working here!" One older smith suddenly shouted, "That woman is carrying William's daughter!" Hearing this nearly every npc in the forging center turned to look at Alexandria. She didn't have time for this however and she ran towards Williams.

Looking to see what the commotion around him was, Williams looked up from his anvil and saw Margaret in Alexandria's arms as Alex ran towards him. Astonished and joyful he stood up running to meet Alexandria, he soon noticed Margaret's condition however and that joy turned into a seething rage. He swore in his heart that he literally crush whomever was responsible for his daughter's condition.

Handing Margaret to her father to carry, Alex said, "Before I explain anything we need to get your daughter to a physician." Surprisingly Williams said, "No need." Running back to his private forging station he placed Margaret on a chair, then reached down to open a large locked metal chest. He proceeded to pull out a glistening blood red glass vial. He quickly pulled out the bottle's cork and fed its contents to the barely conscious Margaret. Looking back up he said, "This is a high end healing elixir I received as a gift from a passing Duke whose plate armor I forged. Apparently the armor saved his life during a battle and he wanted to repay the favor. The elixir is better than anything our local small town's physician or apothecary could produce."

At this point every single player and npc had crowded around the forging center to see what was going on. Every single smith in the workshop was boiling with anger seeing their master's daughter in such a condition. After feeding her the elixir however, Margaret's open wounds started closing at a rate visible to the naked eye. While she was still scarred everywhere and her scalp was maimed, her condition was not life threatening anymore.

Stepping forward Alexandria began to explain her story of finding Margaret to Williams. After Alexandria finished speaking Margaret finally spoke up. She explained how she had snuck out to meet Christen outside the count's manor. She ran into the count however, and she was dragged away by two hooded individuals after being knocked unconscious. When she woke up she was chained inside of the chamber Alexandria found. The was tortured daily and they filled bowls with her blood. After a few days she saw the man in the cage across from her be sacrificed on the bloody altar by the count and two hooded strangers. She wasn't fed anything and only given water once every two days. All of these things resulted in her current condition.

Burning with hatred, William's cursed 9 generations of Count Mumu's family and vowed to obtain justice. Hearing that the count was responsible every single nearby npc was sent into a frenzy as everyone started attributing all the disappearances in the last few years to the count. Seeing this was a chance at completing her quest she turned to Williams and spoke.

"Everyone here has heard myself and Margaret's testimony as to the crimes Count Mumu has committed. Not only has he killed, tortured, and kidnapped the Celestial Empire's own citizens, he has also betrayed his faith and betrayed the god's of humanity. As an Apostle of Light of the Dominion of Light I have the chance to bring him to justice but I need all of your help. Spread the word of the Count's crimes to every single person you know and have the town meet outside of the Count's manor. I will head to the cathedral and report the count's heresy to the local priests and bring them to arrest the count."

Hearing her speech the crowd of npc's growled in assent and everyone soon split up to gather friends and neighbors to spread the word. William's also stood up and said, "Over the years I have made friends and contacts with most of the local town leaders. After all everyone needs a good blacksmith. I will inform every craftsmen in town and bring them over to the count's manor." Standing up William's held his daughter and started heading next door to the local apothecary.

Seeing that everything was going her way she started running to the cathedral to inform the priests of the Count's crimes. After over an hour of running she finally made it the cathedral. Running to a nearby priest she asked where she could find the highest ranked priest. She was informed she could High Priest Claus inside the cathedral's garden. Hearing this she ran over to the courtyard and saw a white robed old man bent over trimming flowers.

Rushing over she immediately yelled to Claus saying, "Apologies to bother you father, but I have evidence of Count Mumu's heresy and treason against the Celestial Empire and the Church of the Iron Cross." Startled Claus stood up and turned to her expecting good evidence to back up such an accusation against the long time count and mayor of CIani. Recanting her tale of what transpired, as well as Margaret's testimony High Priest Claus's eyes slowly grew wider and wider with disbelief. After finishing her explanation she pulled out the book she took from the secret chamber and handed it to Claus.

Gasping, Claus quickly snatched the book and said a silent prayer. Examining the book he slowly shook his head and his eyes flashed with anger. "This is indeed an unholy book of heretic faith. The Count has been practicing an ancient beastmen ritual involving human sacrifice. I believe everything you have said, I will assemble the priests and church guards to bring in front of the count's manor.

Hearing the High Priest's words Alex grew excited. She had a shot at actually completing her hidden quest in time and obtaining a world's first! Almost as if to rain on her parade, she suddenly heard another notification sound as another world's first class was obtained by someone else. Knowing she was about to run out of time she started sprinting back to the Count's manor.

Arriving back before the Count's manor she saw a crowd of thousands of npc's and even more players. Since the players had been following npcs for quests it was only natural for them to follow the crowd of thousands that was building up in front of the Count's manor. Making her way through the crowd she heard many players talking. "Hey man you think this is some kind of special event?" "Naw, didn't you hear the npcs talking? Apparently the count committed some kind of crime." Conversations like this were happening all over as nearly all 100,000 players that started in Ciani town gathered around the assembly of npcs. Ciani town only had about 10,000 npcs judging by its size, and nearly all of them were assembled in front of the Count's manor.

Inside of the manor, looking through a window down at the gathering mob was a nervous Count Mumu. He was shaking at the thought of what might happen to him. He had long since discovered that his sacrificial chamber had been discovered. When inquiring his guards and servants about who had been seen, he found out a young white robed woman was admitted entrance to the manor. His first thoughts were of the Dominion of Light, the secret inquisitorial force of the Church of the Iron Cross. The thought of this made him nearly piss himself. He knew just how horrible heretics were treated by the Dominion and he did not want that fate to befall him. Originally he had been planning to flee with his personal guards after he discovered he had been caught, but before he could make preparations a mob was already assembling all around his manor, blocking his way out. He only had a few dozen personal guards, in the face of thousands it was completely impossible to try to force his way out. The only option he had was just to wait out the mob praying they would dissipate.

Finally making her way to the front of the crowd she found Williams, and a circle of people she assumed were the other influential local town figures. Approaching Williams she said, "I managed to get High Priest Claus convinced of Count Mumu's crimes, he should be arriving shortly with the church priests and guards in tow." Hearing this William's said, "They better get here quickly or else I am going to drag the count out here myself to answer for what he has done to my daughter."

As another notification rang in her ear, Alexandria could only pray that High Priest Claus got here fast enough to let her finish her mission, and obtain the world's first hidden class.
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    《Hand of God》