Hand of God
7 And I am Going to Win
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Hand of God
Author :H34DSN1PES
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7 And I am Going to Win

Walking towards the manor it will take about 30 minutes to arrive if she continued at this speed, with that in mind Alex started thinking of a plan. Alexandria wasn't naive enough to believe she was the only player among hundreds of billions to have acquired the option to obtain a hidden class or even just the Inquisitor class. However while others may also have the option much like her they too would also need to complete an intermediate quest like her. Slate was advertised to not only be difficult and realistic with its combat and system but it was also advertised to be fair. Everything was based on equivalent exchange, if something was easy the rewards were minimal, if something was extremely difficult then likewise the rewards would be generous. On the bright side at least she wasn't competing against billions right? She simply needed to figure out how to complete an intermediate quest asking her to arrest and punish the mayor for heresy and treason at a time when other players were still moving hay bales to gain the strength stat.... easy enough right?

Alexandria began racking her brain on where to even begin with going about the monumental task before her. Much like any other project she simply needed to break it down into parts and analyze it. First she needs to accuse and punish Count Mumu for heresy and treason. This implies that the government of the Celestial Empire and the Church of the Iron Cross know somehow that he is a heretic and traitor. If they know this then there must have been an investigation and/or some kind of evidence right? It wasn't like the Church of the Iron Cross could simply wave a magical stick and call it a heresy detector right....

To be honest until players gained access to classes, magic, skills, and the games vast amount of books and lore on a wider scale Alexandria had no idea what the power levels and capabilities of magic were in Slate. The trailers showed off flashy explosions and domes of multi level protection magic stopping nuclear sized blasts but they never actually explained the magic system. This was done on purpose of course to hype the game up, but it made for a complete blackout of knowledge regarding the mechanics of the games magic.

Pushing aside these thoughts she went with the assumption that there must be actual evidence of Count Mumu's heresy and treason. Lastly she needed to investigate and ascertain what Count Mumu's relationship was with the local church authorities and the guard. While she knew High Priest Alexander was powerful, he didn't belong to the regular church. If he really wanted to arrest and punish the Count he could simply do it himself, instead he left it to test Alexandria. With this in mind Alexander was not going to be of any help in this matter.

In order to actually arrest and punish Count Mumu she needed 1 of 3 things to happen preferably all 3 if possible. First she needs to convince the local church authorities that he is a heretic. This plan would not work if Count Mumu has ties to the church or if she failed to obtain evidence. Second she needs to convince the town guard captain that Count Mumu is a traitor. This also would not work if the Count was friends with the guard captain or if she failed to obtain evidence. Lastly there was a third option although it wasn't exactly a foolproof and safe plan of action. She could simply gather and rile up a mob of civilian npcs and bring them to the lord's manor to demand justice against Count Mumu. There was a tremendous number of things that could go wrong with this plan, but it was still a possibility. In an ideal situation she could use all 3 plans together and punish Count Mumu however, often even the best laid plans of mice and men go astray.

Running over her plan of action in her head Alexandria soon started talking to every available npc she passed. Instead of asking for quests however she asked for gossip on the town mayor Count Mumu. After about 30 minutes and questioning two dozen npcs, she had gotten absolutely nowhere...

Frustrated, Alex felt like screaming at the sky. She quickly regained her composure however and thought about how to change her game plan. Originally she had thought she could find rumors or gossip circulating about Count Mumu, but everyone she talked to either had no comment or simply discussed opinions on him. With this in mind Alex felt she needed to change her method. Alex needed to find and talk to npcs close to the count, preferably somebody who would know about the private affairs of the count or meet him on a regular basis. She needed to find the count's servants, or friends and see if anybody had evidence of the Count being a traitor and heretic. Easier said than done however as she didn't even know who worked for the count and if she could get access to those individuals.

While going over her course of action in her mind she suddenly overheard two npcs walking by discussing an odd piece of gossip. "Did you hear about the head blacksmith's daughter going missing? The poor girl was only 11 and she just suddenly disappeared one day, rumor has it she was out playing with the Count's son."

Intrigued, Alexandria's mind started racing. She rushed off towards Ciani's trade and crafting square. She recalled the town forge was close to the wax maker she visited. Running off she soon arrived in front of the town's large forging area. While she was running, another 4 notifications rang in her ears indicating more and more first clears occurred of players obtaining basic classes. Luckily she still had yet to see any notifications involving the Inquisitor class or hidden classes. This meant she still had a chance. That being said another notification rang out in her ears just as she stopped before the town forge. "Congratulations to Shining Star of the guild Black Templars for being the first player to obtain the Priest Class!"


At this moment Alex nearly shouted out a string of curses so wild it would even make a sailor blush. While Alexandria was aiming towards being the first to obtain a hidden class, she had held out hope that the world's first priest could be available as her backup plan. Evidently that was completely down the drain, there was no going back and no plan B.

Crying internally, she walked towards what looked like an apprentice smith who had a long line of players in front of him. These players were most likely standing about the smithy trying to obtain strength increasing quests. Ignoring the line of players she simply walked by them and directly approached the apprentice who was currently talking with a player. While she approached a couple of the players standing in line realized she was cutting the line and started cursing her. "Who does that bitch think she is to cut in front of us when we have been waiting in line for an hour!?" This player's statement garnered some growls of agreement from the the nearby players. At the same time a player noticed the white robes she was wearing and said, "That woman is wearing a robe that isn't any of the starting civilian outfits!" Hearing that many players turned their heads and actually looked at what Alexandria was wearing. She was indeed wearing a bright white silk robe that seemed to shimmer in the light. This scene caused quite a few players to begin talking among themselves about who this player was to have actually obtained an item. Unfortunately for them Alexandria's profile was set to private so nobody could see what her player ID was.

Alexandria reached the apprentice smith just as the player he had been talking with left. Looking up the apprentice suddenly bowed his head in respect towards Alexandria upon seeing her appearance. She then asked the apprentice where she could find the town's head blacksmith. Responding the apprentice said, "The head smith Williams is quite busy but I am sure he will want to meet a High Priestess who has business with him." Turning away from the line of players, Alexandria followed the apprentice smith as he led her towards Williams. Alexandria thought about how the man addressed her, "High Priestess." She was merely an Apostle of Light and was the bottom of the rung in the Dominion of Light. When she thought about things however it made a bit more sense. Normal priests of the church only wore black robes. The Dominion of Light was probably a bit more secretive than she imagined, so a young commoner like the apprentice would have no way of recognizing her robes. On top of this the white robes she was wearing did make her look religious. The young man probably assumed she was a level up from a common priest based off her white robes.

Meanwhile the players that were waiting to talk to the apprentice were left shocked. Not only had the apprentice they had been waiting to talk to for over an hour left. The apprentice had said he would introduce the white robed player to the head smith! Many players in line that belonged to guilds began messaging around to see if anyone knew who this white robed woman was.

Ignoring the massive uproar among the local crowd of players Alexandria simply kept following the apprentice. She felt like one of those gaming prodigies a super guild nurtured, as wherever they went a ruckus would soon follow.
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    《Hand of God》