Hand of God
6 Life is a Race
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Hand of God
Author :H34DSN1PES
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6 Life is a Race

Logging back into Slate Alexandria appeared back in front of the cathedral where she had logged out from. Thinking back on Alexander's request to return to him in a few hours, she had only spent a little less than an hour eating. She still had an hour or two to burn before she had to meet him again. If she truly wanted to work towards obtaining a world's first she had no time to waste. Slate was a VRRPG like many others before it the existence of T.E.R.R.A wouldn't change that. This meant presumably Slate would also have server wide announcements for world's first achievements like others in its genre. However currently there were only basic stat increasing quests, no player in the game had obtained their basic class let alone kill a boss or explore a unique area. The only plausible world's first for players to achieve would be obtaining basic classes pertaining to each race. The more Alexandria thought about it the more she felt sure that this was the case.

Realizing she truly had no time to lose she began running towards a nearby npc priest who was walking by towards the cathedral's courtyard. She figured she could use her status as an Apostle of Light to request the priest for something to do. Approaching the priest she walked in front of him and said, "Good sir may I know if there is anything the priests of Iron Cross need?" Slightly started the priest nodded his head in respect towards Alexandria seeing the robes she was wearing and said, "how could a regular priest such as myself ask an Apostle of anything...but there is a need of more incense candles for the service later today. The Church of the Iron Cross would be grateful if you could take this order and fetch the candles from the local wax maker." Hearing the priest's request Alexandria had the words accept/decline appear in front of her. She immediately pressed accept and opened her quest log. The quest was simple enough and she read its brief description and the location of the local wax maker. Scrolling to the bottom of its description she read its rewards. The quest actually increased her wisdom by 1! Feeling both happy and sad she started making her way towards the local wax maker. On one hand she could increase her wisdom, on the other hand it was not an intellect increase which she needed to obtain the class quest to become a priest. Every second she spent not obtaining intellect was another second one of those super guild monsters would spend completing a stat quest funneled to them. Running towards the location of the wax maker, she figured to get the order and run back to the cathedral would take about an hour and twenty minutes. She rushed off determined to finish the quest as fast as possible and get back to the cathedral to see High Priest Alexander. After about ten minutes of running she received a party message from Hayden asking if someone had gotten a quest yet. Contemplating if she should report her quest or not she decided against it. She needed every advantage possible for herself. Working towards a world's first was more important than making sure she wouldn't be laid off after a few days of no results. Closing her chat window Alex kept running towards the wax maker.

Sighing Alexandria stood up from the ground after a short rest. She had just finished running as fast as she could for nearly an hour and a half straight. While her stamina in Slate was far better than real life, when her stamina ran out she felt completely exhausted like in real life and had to wait for her stamina to regenerate. Having stood up she began walking towards the cathedral as it should be about time that High Priest Alexander gave her something to do. When she approached the cathedral, the massive doors mysteriously swung open just like last time. Entering the building she saw Alexander standing in front of the altar as majestic as ever while the doors shut behind her. Approaching Alexander she was about to speak up but the man simply reached out and handed her a scroll. After handing her the scroll he simply turned around and vanished. Bewildered Alexandria opened her inventory and took out the scroll. She opened the scroll and started reading it. Her face while reading turned from excited to wretched to grim all within the span of a few seconds. This was because of the contents contained within the scroll. As a mission to prove her loyalty and devotion to the Dominion of Light she has been tasked with exposing and punishing a heretic residing within Ciani town. While reading this Alexandria thought it might be doable even without a class or weapons as she could try using her status as an Apostle of Light to get help from the npcs. What made her face turn ghastly pale was when she read who the target was, the petty lord Count Mumu mayor of Ciani town. She could accept it if the target was some random civilian npc but it was the mayor of the town! "What the hell?" Alexandria screamed in her heart, it was as if the universe was conspiring against her to give her hope and then just take it away again. Resigning herself to the situation she could only suck it up and deal with it, much like she did for her college engineering projects. Having finished reading the scroll she simply pressed the accept button for the quest and opened her quest log. The quest description didn't provide any information that the letter didn't already contain however it did say something that made Alexandria's eyes almost pop out of their sockets. The quest, "Purge a Heretic" was listed as an intermediate quest! When Alex saw this she immediately scrolled to the bottom to read the quest rewards. When she saw the reward she almost squealed in joy. The reward was simply labeled "Class Acquisition Inquisitor."

Reading this her brain started turning thinking about Slate's class system. In the promotional material for the game there were many abilities, classes, weapons, and races depicted that were not available at the start. For example she remembered seeing an image of a knight in plate armor duel wielding what looked like a great sword and tower shield. These weapons and armor were certainly not apart of the basic classes for humans. On top of this the trailers also depicted races like vampires, ghouls, ghosts, and others that were not apart of the ten basic races provided at the start. She had assumed that all the classes would branch off of the 5 base classes but it seems she had been wrong. With so many class possibilities and combinations it wouldn't make sense to only have 5 base classes stem into dozens or even hundreds. Her mind began to wander thinking about things such as what if someone raised all their base stats to the max value of ten as a human before selecting a class? Is there hybrid classes available at the start if people level multiple stats? What would those hybrid classes evolve to? Is there unique or limited classes that can only be obtained once or by several people?

While immersed in thinking about the future possibilities she almost jumped up in fright when a bell noise rang in her ear. While the noise rang a message scrolled across the top of her screen and it read, "Congratulations to "Trixter" of the guild Dark Gods for becoming the first player to obtain the Warrior class!" This message sent the entire player base of Slate into a frenzy. Soon Trixter became the topic of billions of conversations. The guild Dark Gods was precisely what Alexandria feared, it was a super guild that was famous throughout the entire world. Trixter was a new and upcoming star of the guild and he was the poster boy for all of Dark Gods recent endeavors in gaming. It seemed like Dark Gods wanted to have Trixter make himself into a true superstar and powerhouse using Slate. Calculating the time since the launch of Slate, Alexandria realized it had only been a little under 7 hours since the midnight release. This meant that assuming Trixter was playing a human he had completed at least 5 strength stat quests in 7 hours on top of completing the warrior class quest. Thinking about these things Alexandria felt that the manpower of super guilds was certainly frightening. This message also brought Alexandria back to reality from her day dreams of hidden classes. If Trixter had become a warrior within 7 hours of release, than with all of the other super guilds competing around the world every single class for every starting race should start having its world's firsts pop up very soon. Almost as if the universe responded to her a message flashed across her screen again reading, "Congratulations to "Edge of Night" of the guild Rising Moon for becoming the first player to obtain the Shadow Class!" The Shadow class was the Dark Elves equivalent of the rogue. While Alexandria didn't know the exact requirements for obtaining the shadow class, it should take a similar amount of time to obtain as the rogue class simply due to game balance.

Alex thought about the lives, fame, and benefits of these top players in super guilds and she realized that if she wanted that she would need to complete the quest for this hidden class. With grim determination and a look of resolve in her eyes she walked out of the cathedral and towards the lord's manor in Ciani town.
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    《Hand of God》