Distinct and Lonely
14 Present tense...
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Distinct and Lonely
Author :Kuttipaapu
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14 Present tense...

The young man on the stage was stunned. Then he smiled suddenly "But Young master this show is really important to us and it will also benefit you too. So this lowly one asks the Young master to sit till the end and watch. If the young master is still uncomfortable then let this lowly one call our group's doctor though he couldn't..."

As Shuzu saw this guy was still going to continue. She gave up the idea of leaving and sat in her previous seat.

She waved her hand and said "Stop now. Just continue the show." as she sighed once again.

Mio has never seen her Master like this. Though she still had some doubts. She also went her original place.

The young man smiled and once again opened his mouth " Well thank you everyone for coming and watching our shows. Every year we used to end the show with a surprise but this time. It is different. As for how is different....Let's first welcome all our group's members. "

Slowly all the members came to the stage. Each and everyone with their own grace. These performers though they have nothing but if they were to stand between the other nobles they will be outstanding.

"Well everyone must be thinking what will the surprise?.....Okay no need to waste time. Let's begin the auction.." The young man smiled.

Everyone were kind of confused as for what they will be auctioned. But soon they knew and we're shocked. Because what they were auctioning was not things but themselves.

"The distinguished guests there is only one auction and that is our group. We are auctioning together but not separate. We are just dancers but of course some should have already realised the speciality of us." looking at Shuzu he continued.

"But what the difference is that we chose ourselves who should we serve. That doesn't mean you guys won't get anything. It is just after you take us. Though we are just servants but you have to sign contracts of not meddling in our business or personal matters also you could not restrict our freedom. You can't...." The young man continued on and on with his conditions like he is making the people grateful for taking his group in.

The people finally lost their patience.....

"We don't want to participate in your own auction..."

"Yeah!!! It's like we have to obey you instead of obeying us...."

"Just because you guys can perform some unknown kind of dance. Do you really think you are so much of worth...."

"What is the use of buying you people...If you can't even do things..."

Even if the people were scolding them. They were still maintaining there smile.

Shuzu raised an eyebrow and a light smile formed on her lips. But it was a pity nobody saw that world class smile.

Ofcourse she can understand the meaning behind there auction. But it's just that by looking at this people she also can predict that they are very troublesome.

Thus she just sat there as the scolding continued....

"Young master should we return? Afterall it will be a waste of time if we continue to sit here" enquired Mio with a frown.

"Mio didn't you look forward for their performance. Now that you have a chance why don't you buy them..." Shuzu teased her.

But as they were talking something unexpected happened...(°-°)


Back to present tense...

Hai that is the fight happening now....

Even she doesn't understand why they all this happening.
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    《Distinct and Lonely》