Cultivating to Ascension
5 Teacher Isabella
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Cultivating to Ascension
Author :IPreferLonerMc
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5 Teacher Isabella

Brian quickly entered the shower and thoroughly washed himself, especially his ass. Brian proceeded to throw his underwear and pants away without caring as he could just ask for a new pair. After getting rid of all evidence, Brian went to sleep. Brian slept like a log until he woke up at 12 am by a sudden ring. Brian got up and searched all over the room but to no avail. The ring in his head hadn't disappeared and a set of numbers appeared like a timer counting down.





The numbers continued going down until they finally disappeared after a minute passed. The ringing in Brian's head stopped and Brian fell asleep while continuing to cycle the Heavenly Purifying Breathing Technique asleep.


The next morning, Brian was awoken from another freezing sensation. Knowing what it was, Brian calmly got up and dressed himself the same as yesterday, heading to the field outside. Brian was surprised to not feel sore, but connected it with the Breathing Technique. Isabella was eating breakfast and the Grandpa J was sitting outside meditating. Getting ready, Brian started jogging the 200 km, twice as many kilometers than yesterday. Although the distance was double the distance, Brian's 11 year old body was able to handle the training and tiredness he felt. Before starting the jog, Brian remembered the pills and at 1 of each again and then started to run. The effects of pills were obvious as Brian could feel his body adjusting and Brian didn't feel as tired and his body wasn't hurting from pushing himself. Brian was still getting tired, just not as much as yesterday. Brian finished the 200 km jog and started his pushups while circling the Qi in his body. Brian felt his as if his Qi was part of the ground making Brian not want to part. Brian continued the rest of the training with relative ease and went for breakfast.

While eating breakfast, Isabella had told Brian she would show him around. The excited Brian gobbled the delicious food that was in front of him and went to find Isabella. Isabella was punching the air and Brian was able to fell large amounts of Qi within her punches, but the Qi wasn't Crystal but was red instead. Not wanting to disturb Isabella, Brian watched from the sidelines and tried to figure out why the Qi was red, and started to think the Qi seemed destructive like fire. Burning everything in its path, not leaving a single thing. Soon after, Isabella stopped punching the air and wiped herself with the towel she had wrapped over her shoulder.

[Lets go, I don't want to take too long.]~Isabella

Saying so, Isabella started walking and Brian diligently followed behind. While following Isabella, Brian couldn't help but look at her neck, glistening and the sweet scent that was released by her. Her bottom was quite round that would feel great to squeeze and slap. Although Isabella showed him around, all that was near their house was the field outside used to practice, a red mountain to the North, a flat sandy plain, with colors that looked to be Crimson mixed with Rust, to the South, and huge roots that stabbed through the sky into a smoky, grey fog in what looked like the center. After Isabella finished guiding Brian, she was going to return, but suddenly stopped. Multiple expressions could be seen on Isabella's face. After what seemed like a conversation coming to an end, Isabella turned and around and spoke

[Grandpa told me to teach you, so I'll be your new tutor. No need to thank me.]~Isabella

Isabella walked to the basement where Grandpa J was. Brian was dumbfounded, but soon understood. He was new to cultivating and didn't have a large understanding of things that cultivators did or needed for improvement. Isabella and Grandpa J were the only ones around which made them the only possible teachers and since Grandpa J might be busy, he couldn't teach Brian all the time. After understanding why he was getting tutored by Isabella, Brian followed suite. Grandpa J continued doing his own thing while Isabella taught Brian subjects regarding cultivation and dangers; such as botany: which would be useful for searching for herbs, zoology: to discern monster-weak spots, breeding habits and cultivation levels of these monsters, and multiple other things regarding the world Brian currently lives in and also taught Brian about the state of affairs of sects, kingdoms, and Isabella also taught Brian of different Qi and elements.

[Qi is the life force inside every living being. We are only able to cultivate 1 Breathing technique due to once one has taken in a certain type of Qi, the Qi would then merge with the Qi that makes us. A breathing technique can also lower ones maximum Realm and limits elements able to be absorbed. If one were to change to a different breathing technique, even if the technique is a higher grade, would damage their Qi and potentially killing him/she. Although one can only cultivate one breathing technique, a cultivator is able to use multiple fighting techniques because it is fundamentally different in that instead of absorbing Qi, the Qi is released outwards. That's also why my grandpa gave you a technique of the highest grade which is able to absorb all types of Qi and elements. Elements are the forces of the world. Similar to Qi, elements are everywhere and can also be used to form multiple things and have different uses. Sword elements come from a great understanding of swords and have a unexplainable force within. These elements are similar to cultivators as in elements have different levels. Elements have 10 levels which increase with understanding of the elements and usage of the element. Once one reaches the highest level, the element is able to evolve. Once an element evolves, it is called True Force which only lucky great elders of medium grade countries or small sects within Dragon City can form. A cultivator can have multiple elements and can fuse multiple elements together, but mixing large amount of elements together may not do higher damage. For example, one may fuse all of the Ice and Fire elements they have within their body's, but the damage might be equal or lower to mixing a low amount wood and fire elements together creating a balance. That's all for today, I'm gonna go now, and make sure to ready those books and study the contents.]~Isabella

Isabella said as she tossed 12 books towards Brian and ran back upstairs.
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    《Cultivating to Ascension》