Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1512 Blood of a Saint King
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1512 Blood of a Saint King

After this battle, 11 of the Twelve Generals died in battle, and the last only managed to escape with the Heavenly River King, protecting him at the risk of his own life. However, in the end, he still died.

Thankfully, this person entered into a small world, and escaped the pursuit of the Forbidden Lands. He also built the Twelve Palaces Mystery Realms, and passed on the treasures left behind by the Heavenly River King.

And though the Heavenly River King had endured the combined attack of Saint Kings from a great many Forbidden Lands, he was really amazing. In that kind of situation, he had still seriously injured the Open Clouds King and left behind this will and sent the chariot away, while he himself blocked those Saint Kings from pursuing.

Of course, he had still died in the end. If he had managed to still stay alive after being ganged up on by so many Saint Kings, that would really have been too illogical.

Being able to reach Saint King level in the Immortal Realm was like being able to reach the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier in a small world. They were all top-grade prodigious elites.

"The Heavenly River King said that since we have obtained the treasures he left behind, we would have to kill the Open Clouds King on his behalf. Otherwise, his blood would become a curse and pester us eternally." Ling Han wore a strange expression. When he finished reading this will, it was as if that drop of blood had come back to life, and was about to sink into the bodies of Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing.

Even if a Saint King had died for millions and millions of years, his obsession was still incredibly frightening, and could kill Small Saints and Medium Saint. It was possible for even weaker Great Saints to suffer disaster.

Unfortunately, this was inside the Black Tower!

Putting aside the fact that this was only a drop of blood from a Saint King and a sliver of obsession, even if it was a Saint King himself, so what?

Ling Han would definitely not allow a drop of blood from another to enter his body, much less his wife. He said to that drop of blood, "Please rest assured, Senior. When I have become a Great Saint or a Saint King, I will definitely seek out that Open Clouds King for an accounting."

The motive behind the Open Clouds King's rebellion was naturally the treasures left behind by the Celestial King. He had long since known the location of the ancestral grounds of the Celestial King, but the method to open it was only known to the Heavenly River King, and now it was also known by Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing.

Yet the Open Clouds King had still obtained a secret technique of the Celestial King. Even if he didn't become a Celestial King, it should not be too difficult for him to use it to break through to the Celestial Realm. However, the Heavenly River King had severely wounded the Open Clouds King, and injured his life force, which also severed his hopes of advancing into the Severing Mundane.

Thus, Ling Han needed only advance to become a Great Saint or Saint King level, and he would be qualified to kill the Open Clouds King.

The person that the Heavenly River King hated the most was the Open Clouds King. At the time, he delivered a serious wound onto the Open Clouds King even at the risk of his life because he did not want the latter to be capable of entering into the Celestial Realm. Then, even if no one managed to obtain the treasures he had left behind in the end, the Open Clouds King would still die of old age, unable to achieve immortality.

Of course, it would naturally be best if someone could give him a chance at revenge.

"Betrayed by his most trusted, loving each other but wanting to kill each other at the same time, not willing to rest until the other is dead," Ling Han mused ruefully.

He could not imagine how it would feel like if Feng Po Yun, the Rain Emperor, and Murong Qing stabbed him in the back. He definitely did not believe his three brothers would treat him this way, just like how he could not possibly ever betray his three brothers.

"What I hate the most is this kind of person. Even without the request from the Heavenly River King, I would also kill him!" Ling Han declared firmly.

In his eyes, as long as the Rain Emperor and the others spoke up, he would share with them the method to open the ancestral grounds of the Celestial King that he possessed without hesitation. No matter how valuable this treasure was, could its value compare to their brotherhood?

"I think if the Open Clouds King had asked, the Heavenly River King would likely not have refused. Otherwise, he would not have been so furious after being betrayed." Ling Han shook his head.

Empress Luan Xing continued, "Perhaps, the Open Clouds King had never trusted the Heavenly River King fully. From the very beginning, his motive was to gain benefits from the Heavenly River King, and thus he thought others were like him as well. He thought that the Heavenly River King would definitely not reveal this secret to him, and would even be on guard against him. Hence, he simply decided to take the risk, and invite the wolf into the house[1]."

Ling Han shook his head. Going by the look of things, it was possible that this massive paw that had pierced through the treasure trove belonged to the Open Clouds King. He naturally best knew the location of the treasure trove.

"This old bastard even damaged so much of my Godly metal and Saintly Material, I will not spare him!" he said through clenched teeth. This massive paw had damaged who knew how much Saintly Material, causing his heart to ache severely.

Meanwhile, Empress Luan Xing smiled in spite of herself, shaking her head. She had not thought that Ling Han would have such an "adorable" side to him.

There was still a scroll left behind, and this was really the decree of a Saint. The strongest attack of the Heavenly River King was sealed within. However, the Heavenly River King was already at the end of his line at the time. It was already very impressive he managed to leave behind a will. Thus, the defense of this decree was not that strong.

As time passed, the majority of power and Regulations in this decree had eroded, and its might now was only at the late stage of the Eternal River Tier. Even its saintly might was gone.

Furthermore, it could only be used once.

'This drop of blood can be used, though,' Ling Han thought. This was not an ordinary Saint King's blood, but rather the blood essence of a Saint King. Even the Heavenly River King did not have so many drops in him. Otherwise, how could it possibly ensure that a piece of paper would last for eternity?

The divinity in the blood essence had already been mostly worn away, but the murderous aura of a Saint King was still present. Thrown out, this would still possess incredibly frightening might.

"I've got another trump card. Too bad it can only be used once, just like the decree." Though he was saying that, Ling Han was still all smiles. If he used this thing at the right time, even a Great Saint would shiver.

Small Tower, though, was disdainful. "It is merely the blood of a Saint King, and you are already so happy. This is really embarrassing me!"

Ling Han did not concede, and said, "Whether I am happy or otherwise, what business is it of yours?"

"In any case, you are the master of the Black Tower, and possess the most powerful precious Tool in this world, yet still lose your composure because of a drop of blood from a Saint King. As a Tool Spirit, even I am ashamed of you," Small Tower stated calmly.

"…I have never met as rebellious a Tool Spirit as you!" Ling Han extended a finger, stabbing at Small Tower. However, Small Tower did not have any solid form, so this finger had directly passed through it.

"Now you have met one," Small Tower said calmly.

Ling Han was so infuriated he shouted. He had also experienced many exchanges with the large black dog, and could be considered skilled at making caustic remarks, but in front of Small Tower, he had to admit defeat. This damn guy always had a monotonous voice, but took its enjoyment from mocking others.

However, Ling Han was not really angered. Soon, he calmed down, and asked, "I know that Severing Mundane Tier lies above Saint level, then what is above the Severing Mundane?"

He was very curious. What kind of hierarchy divided the elites of the Celestial Realm? And which level was a Celestial King?

"I don't know, either," Small Tower replied calmly. "My memories have not recovered."

"Tsk, and you still call yourself the Tool Spirit of the most powerful Spirit Tool in this world; you don't even know that." Ling Han took advantage of the opportunity to counterattack.

Yet Small Tower did not have the slightest change in emotion, and replied, "If you want to ask how strong a Celestial King is, then I can tell you: even if I currently use my full power, I am no match for a Celestial King."

Ling Han was shocked. Small Tower had never shrunk back before. It had not shown its might all this while merely because it feared alerting the mighty figures in the Celestial Realm.

And according to this, that would be the Celestial King.

Celestial King in the Celestial Realm… What level did an existence like that belong to?

If that was already the peak, then that was fine. Ling Han only had to be wary of those few people, but if there was still a mix of elites above Celestial King, then every step he took after entering into the Celestial Realm would be difficult.

"Sigh, when that old witch came, I should have asked her for more details."

[1] Basically it means to introduce a new source of trouble domestically, i.e. the other Forbidden Lands, in this case, as they were an external party.

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》