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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1511 Will

"There is still a last bit of treasure that has not been gathered. Perhaps the variable lies there." Ling Han looked towards the depths of the treasure trove. Ordinarily, the more valuable the treasure, the deeper it would be stored away.

Empress Luan Xing was also filled with anticipation. Though her ancestor came from the Celestial Realm, aside from her bloodline and its perks, she actually did not obtain any other benefits. Thus, she was very curious what a treasure of the Celestial Realm would look like.

The two of them continued to gather the things around the treasure, and this whole treasure trove was soon emptied out. In front of them, only a low table was left. There was a jade box on top.

It wouldn't be another world hidden in a box, right?

Ling Han and the empress exchanged looks. Right until this moment, they had not yet discovered anything above Saint level. Indeed, this treasure trove was considerably valuable, but if it was a massive migration of the forces of the Celestial Realm, their wealth would also attain this level.

Previously, Ling Han had viewed Ding Zizhen's memories, and had some understanding of the wealth of the Ding Zizhen, and the Ding Clan was a Severing Mundane Tier-level force. This kind of ancestor was actually numbered in the tens. Obviously, it was impossible that this was a top-tier clan of the Celestial Realm.

The wealth of the Ding Clan would not be so inferior. Thus, if it was claimed that a Forbidden Land ganged up on the Heavenly River King just because of this, Ling Han would not believe that in the slightest.

Perhaps an astonishing precious treasure lay hidden within the jade box.

"Careful!" the empress advised. Her right hand was tightly holding the brick. If things didn't look right, she would immediately slam down the brick.

Ling Han nodded, and placed both hands on the jade box, slowly opening it.

The jade box was not heavy at all, and was easily opened. A golden light spread out, but it did not have much destructive power. However, it was filled with a great aura, as if an ancient god was about to awaken.

As the box gradually opened, the golden light covered the whole underground treasure trove, and even surged out of the palace and filled the skies.

But it was only for a short instant. The golden light faded, and there were actually two pieces of paper that were rolled up inside the box.

This… This was considered a treasure?

Even if these two pieces of paper were the decree of a Saint King, it could only be used a limited number of times and lasted for only a short time. It was even less worthy of the Forbidden Lands moving out in attack.


"Yi!" Ling Han was startled. He discovered traces of blood on one of the rolled up papers. Merely a little bit made him feel as if the heavens were pressing down on him. It was an indescribably heavy pressure. This definitely belonged to a supreme elite.

Thankfully, this drop of blood did not have any killing intent. Otherwise, a single drop of blood from a Saint would be enough to kill any Eternal River Tier.

Ling Han wanted to take out this roll of paper, but discovered that it was actually extraordinarily heavy. No matter how much force he exerted, the paper did not move at all, and there was no sign that it was going to unroll.

"I don't believe I can't handle you!" Ling Han humphed. Since the blood did not contain killing intent, he directly used his divine sense to wrap around the jade box. Then, with a single thought, the jade box was drawn into the Black Tower.

Ha, now that it was in the Black Tower, even if it was a Saint King, so what? He would still be killed.

When one came right down to it, Ling Han's biggest trump card was the Black Tower. Even the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll had been inherited from the Black Tower.

Too bad, he still could not use the Black Tower as he liked. Otherwise, he should be invincible in the Immortal Realm. Whomever he did not like, he could draw them into the Black Tower, and do with them as he liked.

"Wife, let's go inside the Black Tower."


Ling Han and the Empress entered into the Black Tower, and continued to study that jade box.

This time, Ling Han was really bold. He casually threw open the jade box; what did he have to fear.

He stretched out a hand, and the blood-stained roll of paper was easily taken out. It was as light as a piece of paper—this was a piece of paper in the first place. It had only become so incredible because there was a bloodstain on it.

"Is it the blood of a Saint King?" Ling Han asked as he raised his head, but the one he directed the question to was not Empress Luan Xing.

Small Tower appeared quietly, and lightly shook. It replied, "That's right."

"It might have been left behind by the Heavenly River King." Ling Han deduced.

Empress Luan Xing merely smiled slightly, and did not rush him. In front of Ling Han, her patience was astonishingly good. To her, Ling Han was the real treasure that was the most valuable in this world. She possessed this person, and it was equivalent to possessing the whole world.

Ling Han slowly unrolled the paper. It was rolled up like a decree, and suppressed by a drop of blood. It could last for eternity, or the power of time would be able to destroy everything.

"A letter!" Ling Han swept an eye over it. This was not a decree. To be precise, it was not a letter, but rather a will.

He stood beside the Empress, and began to read.

After a long time, they placed the will down, and both mostly figured out what had happened all those years ago. This will was indeed the most valuable treasure in this room—not the will itself, but a piece of information it had left behind.

To start from the very beginning.

The Heavenly River King was not from a Forbidden Land, but he was an ancient prodigy. After he awoke his bloodline, his path of martial arts became very smooth, and he also came to know of the existence of the Celestial Realm from the ancestral teachings that had been passed down through the generations.

But after so many years, there were actually a considerable number of ancient tribes that did not believe in the existence of the Celestial Realm, and thought this was merely a lie spoken by one of their ancestors.

At first, the Heavenly River King did not believe it, either, but as his bloodline became stronger and stronger, he gradually believed in its existence, and set out on his path to search for any traces of the Celestial Realm. However, the result was that he was still completely clueless about the Celestial Realm. However, he did find the abode wherein a Celestial King had died.

He only knew that a massive turmoil had happened at the time. This Saint King charged out of the Celestial Realm all by himself, and ultimately died. The treasures that he had brought with him were all obtained by the Heavenly River King—the majority were the Saintly Materials that Ling Han had seen.

This did not overly match with what Small Tower had said, about how Godly metal above Level 20 was Divine Metal. Otherwise, how could a Celestial King not possess Level 21 Godly metal, or fifth grade Divine Metal, or something of the like?

None, above top-grade Saintly Material was Divine Metal, instant success.

But even a Celestial King did not possess Divine Metal. This meant that even in the Celestial Realm, Divine Metal would also definitely be an incredibly valuable material.

Ling Han couldn't help but tighten his hold on the Divine Demon Sword. Before his abilities had reached Great Accomplishment level, revealing the Divine Demon Sword in the Celestial Realm was not a good thing. What if it was recognized by others? Perhaps even a Celestial King would hunt him down.

In the Celestial Realm, there should be many elites that could see through the Black Tower. This was no longer an absolutely impenetrable shelter.

…Er, let's get back to the topic.

The Heavenly River King obtained the treasures left behind by a Celestial King. Though there was not much, it was enough to allow the Heavenly River King to emerge as a new force and soar in status. But this was not his largest good fortune. Among the treasures left behind by the Celestial King, there were also directions to a certain location—the ancestral grounds of this Celestial Realm. Even in the Celestial Realm, none knew of it.

Even if they did, they still needed a special method to be able to open it, and this method was also in the hands of the Heavenly River King.

The Heavenly River King had long desired to charge into the Celestial Realm. At the same time, he also gathered some people who shared his ambition, such as the Twelve Generals. They were all from ancient tribes, or it would be impossible for all of them to have reached the level of Great Saint.

But at this time when the Heavenly River King was most complacent, he suffered the combined attack of a great many Forbidden Lands, and the root of the trouble lay in his most trusted assistant.

…Open Clouds King.

He was like a brother to him, yet informed and contacted the various great Forbidden Lands to set up an ambush on the path where the chariot pulled by the three Phoenixes would definitely pass.

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》