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A God's Apocalyptic Entertainment
Author :Zevren
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192 Eruption

I watched Rose for a few minutes while also keeping track of what was happening beneath the lava. I still had that uneasy feeling dwelling below my skin. Thankfully Rose was done with Colabrus before anything happened. I didn't want to ruin her fun, or I guess it would be more apt to say stress relief.

Watching the pile of rocks that was once Colabrus crumble and turn to nothing I finally turned my full attention to the pool. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the lava that vacated the dead Colabrus had slowly moved over to the pool and joined it.

The small piece of lava joined the rest and I noticed the small energy increase of the action. I frowned for a second before a blue screen appeared in front of me.

(Congratulations! You have cleared the dungeon!)

(Choose what to do.)

(Destroy Dungeon?)

(Control Dungeon?)

(Leave Alone)

I had already discussed with Hunter what options would appear before me when I cleared the dungeon. Knowing that I was going to be leaving the area, plus how dangerous the Rock Titans could be I instantly selected the destroy option.

My eyes flickered to the pool of lava in front of me and all hesitation I might have disappeared. I didn't know what was going on with the lava's but the unsettled feeling I was getting cleared all doubt.

After I pressed 'destroy' I let out a small sigh of relief. My danger sense calmed down for a few seconds before flaring back to life. My head snapped to the direction of the pool and I saw the lava start to bubble, like it was boiling water.

Before I could think much further Hunter came rushing to my side. He was panting for breath and had wide eyes. He stared at the bubbling lava and turned to me, gripping my shoulders.

"This doesn't happen a lot but sometimes dungeons exploded, crumble, whatever you would like to call this. Self destruct when they are destroyed. Mostly they won't do this and just not produce monsters but some rare ones do. We have to get out of here before the whole mountain crumbles above us."

His words came out like a dam; he was speaking quickly so it was hard to understand everything he said. I gave him a dumbfounded look as the words sunk in.

"You didn't think to tell me this beforehand?"

But he didn't reply he just started to drag me to the exit.

"There's no time we have to go!"

'I think I might beat him up latter.' With that thought in mind I stopped doing nothing and quickly sent what was happening over the link. Rose and Ella both perked at the news and we were all running as fast as we could thereafter.

The temperature started to rise as we reached the exit to the room, the lava pool had already started to overflow. If my guess was right, the self destruction of this dungeon would be a volcanic eruption! My spine tingled at the thought and I sent a small prayer that my actions hadn't just doomed one of the towns, if not all of them outside.

The towns were pretty close; if it was a really bad eruption I could drown them all!

I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind as I raced down the path we came. The kids weren't able to keep up with us, but somehow Hunter was, something that slightly surprised me. Shaking my head to concentrate we all quickly took a few of them in hand.

Even though they had physically grown, and weren't the size of children anymore, there perfect muscled physics weren't too heavy, allowing for us to hold 2 in each hand. Rose being slightly slower than Ella and Me, was only tasked with carrying one of them.

Having all that sorted out we bolted like there was no tomorrow. The temperature was reaching ridicules levels as sweat started to pour down my skin. The suit I was wearing made me think I was being cooked alive.

Behind us I could feel the air being pushed out speeding us up. The lava must have been rising at such a fast speed that air was being displaced quick enough that we could feel it. All that did was speed us up. Time to put my agility to the test!


(Darlt Leader, Marde)

My eyes focused through the slits of my helmet. Around me some of my most elite warriors surrounded me. I had left my second and third in command back at the town just in case that fat bastard Harn tried anything funny.

Of course it was unlikely that anything would happen. He may be slime, but he was cunning. If he attacked my town I would take him down, no matter what protection he could afford, he knew better than to try something.

He and the lovely Jaye, leader of Praf, had rallied their own forces to join us. She may have looked good, but I knew from experience that she was dangerous, my instincts told me.

We all stood with our forces ready a few hundred meters from the dungeon. We had found the entrance the day before hand. We had decided to camp for the day to assess the situation. Scouts had found the dead body of one of the people that went missing. Whatever creature was in the dungeon was believed to be on the big side. Enough that they could mash a person's body into mush.

I had seen a few of those types before, felled many as well. It was actually one of the orcs, those big fellows, which had given my face such a huge scar. He was a high chieftain class, explaining why it was such a hard battle.

I was also less experience back then. What I wouldn't give to have such a battle rush once again. Though with my town being transported to this weird world, I was sure I would get my wish at some point.

It was just closing past mid day and the troops had been fed. We were about to go into the dungeon with the scouts and getting better details when the mountain started to shake! The ground trembled as the mountain continued to move.

All ranks formed up fast to deal with any unknown threat while we backed off at the same time. Praf's leader had her warriors in order fast, same as mind, while Harn with his sloppy attitude was taking much longer. I shook my head at the disgraceful display.

In a small part of my mind I entertained the idea of creating an alliance with the woman from Praf to destroy the egotistical fool. But that would be for latter. For now I would concentrate on what was happening now.

As we continued to wait and the ground continued to move, finally after around 20 minutes a few figures burst forth from the dungeon entrance. The small group, after making it out, stopped in their tracks and slowed tremendously.

With my eyes sight I could easily make out the group of teenagers and adults that were panting for breath, they had been running from something?

Their equipment was pretty good from what I could tell, and their appearances very interesting. 6 of them had the same type of silver hair, which I couldn't remember having seen before, while the one with green hair gave off a vibe of peace and tranquility even from such a distance.

But it was the man in plate armour that had just put down two of the smaller ones that drew my attention. Something about the way he stood and the danger I felt from him drew my eye in. I sent a quick glance to Jaye who was close to my position.

I saw her look back and a small message was passed between us. I called forth my first in command and he rode closer. Moving to give orders I was stopped as the shaking got even worse, almost making my horse fall over.

A frown came to my face as finally I saw what had been causing all the disturbance. From the top of the impossible high mountain a huge bang went off!


Red fire erupted from the top and my face got even worse. I mentally tracked where the lava was bursting from and where it might land. It had come out with such force that it could easily land on my town!

Thankfully after checking where it was facing it was nowhere close to my town. For that matter it wasn't heading for any of our towns, it was going to land in a mainly deserted patch of the plains. I let out a small sigh of relief as the mountain continued to sprout fire for a few minutes. The noise, smoke and everything was a bit overwhelming but I kept my composure, so that my men wouldn't react negatively.

After around 30 minutes of on and off eruptions it finally stopped and I could turn my attention back to the group in front of us. They had quite a few questions to answer.
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    《A God's Apocalyptic Entertainment》