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191 Colabrus Part 2
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A God's Apocalyptic Entertainment
Author :Zevren
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191 Colabrus Part 2

The giant rose its foot in slow motion as my senses screamed for me to back off. I didn't disappoint as I moved backwards. Rose also felt the danger and backed off. A second after the foot was raised the foot then slammed back into the ground.


It felt like the room shook from the blow. Like the normal titans the ground crumbled under the stomp, but then there was more! In a radius of 10 meters around Colabrus a splinter patter cracked outwards and from the cracks lava suddenly burst upwards.

The heat in the area grew from the sudden influx of red death and I had to dodge the overflowing specs of fire. I frowned as I watched the destruction around. Gritting my teeth I moved back in, watching my step. Rose was right behind me on the other side, already raising her whip and cracking the ground.

The cracks in the ground covered over fast from the earth magic, cutting off most of the danger but it was still tough. Colabrus turned in my direction and prepared another attack. Dodging its blows we started a drawn out battle.

Rose and I both dodged any and every blow that came. Ella would get a good attack in every now and then, but we were barely making a dent. I felt a migraine coming on as I knew we wouldn't make it at this rate. I had just dodged another blow when I stepped back to catch my breath.

My spirit vision activated as I saw its body turned a deep shade of red again. I looked at its body to see what was going on when something caught my interest. I was on one side of Colabrus and between it and the lava pool. I hadn't seen it before in my rush, but there was a small line of red coming out from the top of the titans head.

It was like the small lines that connected Rose, me and Ella. My eyes narrowed as I followed the line. It came right towards me before going over my head and falling into the lava pool. A continuous stream of red was going from the lava pool right into Colabrus.

My eyes flickered up as I looked at the small line on the top of my head that shot up into the sky. Something I hadn't looked at in a long time. A small idea coming to my head. I looked at its status again.

Name: Colabrus

Race: Priest Titan

Sex: N/A

Level: 40


STR: 280

END: 300

INT: 100

AGI: 100

SPR: 200


Sturdy (Innate) LV(Special Conditions) – User naturally has toughened skin and increased strength.

Blessed by ??? (Passive) LV(Special Conditions) – Empowered by ??? because of their faith and devotion. ?????????

Energy Stomp (Active) LV( Special Conditions) – Channels power into your feet. Your next step will shatter the ground and spurt fiery energy into your surroundings.

Lava blast (Active) LV( Special Conditions) – Tap into the lava around you to empower your body. Blast the lava out in a concentrated stream.

??? (Active) LV (Special Conditions) – ???

My eyes focused on the 'Blessed by' skill, something in that pool was providing that thing with energy. My eyes trailed down to the skills that weren't blocked by '???' anymore. I guessing having to deal with the skills had filled in the blanks.

As I was lost in my thoughts, I noticed a spike of energy from the pool flow in to Colabrus. My head snapped up as I dodged another blow. Energy built inside his body as my danger sense went off again. This time it was a lot worse.

'Get back'

I quickly ran back as Rose followed my orders. We had just made it 50 meters away from him when the energy burst out. Turning off my spirit vision I saw the lava in its body explode outwards. The lava came out in a wave at least the size of its body, which was no joke. In a complete 360 circle the lava rushed out, quickly expanding over 20 meters.

I felt the hair on the back of my neck raise at the sight before I picked up my escape speed. Soon I was 100 meters away, about as far back as Ella. The lava continued to rush towards me and was quickly gaining.

Finally as I felt the heat nip at my heels, the wave stopped and died down. The kids and Hunter moved even further back after seeing what happened. I let out a small breath of air and looked back towards Colabrus.

Rose and Ella had easily made it out of harm's way, and were moving back in. My spirit vision turned back on and I saw that his energy reserves were stupidly low. Unlike the light that shinned brightly in the darkness, he was now like a candle; snuffed out with the slightest touch.

The connection between it and the pool was strong though. The pool was providing him energy, I watched as he was quickly recovering. I relayed my findings in haste before sprinting forwards. I used my full speed as I concentrated ice onto my halberd, this would be one of my best chances.

As I race across the gravel and dodged the small steams of lava, I finally reached him. His reserves were back to 50% by this time, weak enough that the next hit hurt him. Cleaving into his body I finally felt the tough outer layer crunch under my might.

*Bang* *Roar*

Colabrus screamed in pain as it moved to attack me, still recovering. Ella had resumed her barrage and Rose was coming back to help me. In the next minute or so we did more damage than we had in the whole fight.

I felt a small smile come to my lips as plans began to form in my head. I hadn't used it in a long time, hell it didn't really work with the creatures that completely disappeared once they were dead. But just like back in the treant incident, it would be most useful now.

I backed off again after another attack. Colabrus just used another energy stomp forcing us back. I focused on the other energy in my body, the energy to devour, to destroy, 'Demonic Kiss'. I hadn't tried combining it with my weapon before, I wasn't sure how it would work, if it might damage the weapon or take too much energy.

But there was a first time for everything. Focusing on the skill I quickly felt the power sap the air around me, bringing more energy back than usual. God I was stupid sometimes, I could have used this to recover my energy so much faster. Something I would have to work on in the future.

Ever so carefully I started to coat the edge of my halberd with the energy. The cold sheen my weapon had started to slowly darken under my astonished gaze. It wasn't like anything I had seen before. The darkness seemed to draw my gaze in.

It was like I was looking into an abyss of nothing. I tore my gaze away as I looked at the connection between the pool and Colabrus. If I can cut that link, it should be enough.

Quickly telling Rose my plan, she provided the necessary cover I needed to get close. While it was distracted I jumped high in the air, making sure it was at the right angle before finally slashing downwards.

I felt a resistance to my attack and Colabrus instantly turned towards me.


The pain that it screamed at me with, told me I was doing the right thing. A small grin of victory graced my lips as the connection snapped under my weapon. Colabrus kept roaring as it rushed towards me. But unlike before it seemed a lot slower. I didn't even need to look at its status to know that it had been weakened.

'Let loose'

I sent the small message to the other two as I dodged its blows.

*Bang* Bang* *Crack* Bang*

Colabrus was bombarded from behind as the damage finally started to chip away at its body. It screamed in pain as it tried to turn around and defend against the theat. That was all I needed to take its legs out from under it.

Falling to the ground with an earth shaking bang, its body turned towards the lava pool. Roaring out and saying something, it started to pull itself towards the pool. But I had nothing to worry about now.

I stood back and watched as rose moved closer.


(Rose PoV)

I watched as the monster started to crawl back to its little pond of fire. I curled the whip in my hands as I walked calmly behind it. I walked past Liam on the way to the downed beast and he gave me a small nod.

I gave him a smile as I walked by before it disappeared from my face. I walked right behind the creature and looked at its broken legs.


I hit the ground once with my whip before I lashed out.


The whip hit the back of the creature doing more damage than before. It had lost its strength; it was nothing more than a pitiful weakling now. It roared from the attack for a second before crawling forwards once again. It had almost reached the pool when my whip went out. It curled around the creatures' leg and I held it in place.

I felt my muscles strain for a second, but it was no trouble to stop it from moving. I watched as it continued to try and make it to the pool and I felt a sadistic smile come to my lips. I was getting pleasure out of its useless struggle.

Channeling Ice energy into the whip the lava around its leg started to sizzle.


A roar came again and I knew that it was a painful experience. That just made my smile bigger. I pulled back slightly with the whip dragging it towards myself. Tapping out connection once again I stomped my foot. A small ice spike came from the ground and lodged itself in the body. It screamed in pain making me feel even better.

The faces of the people that were thrown into the lava appeared in my head as I watched the creature continue to struggle. They would be smiling if they saw this. That small thought improved my mood again.

'I would take their revenge for them. I would make it suffer!'

I continued to stomp my foot in an almost rhythmic manner as more ice spikes came out over and over. It roared again and again as pain took hold of its mind, the ice spurring it onwards.

I felt my mind and body relax in the cacophony of its pain, lost in its beauty.
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